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Twipper of the Month – April 2016: Annette White from Bucket List Journey


As we often hear, “never let your fear decide your fate.” May it be a steep mountain to climb or an unfathomable ocean to dive, we ought to be unafraid of nature and the world. We must  exceed our potentials, breakthrough the hardships in life as our Twipper of the Month, Annette White unveils through her stories. An award-winning blogger and travel writer, Annette is also an dauntless individual like no other. She never quails at those once-in-a-life adventures, as she says, “90% of the time it is fear speaking.” She constantly seeks to conquer the nature and refuses to bow to the challenges that lie ahead. From ziplining through a Costa Rican rain forest to rappelling down a hundred foot waterfall, she continually checks off her bucket list with over 800 items, spanning over 5 continents and 36 countries.

A foodie and wine enthusiast, Annette is also the owner and chef of a Michelin recommended Italian restaurant in Northern California. She has also been featured and awarded by numerous major publishers noting her breath-taking travel photos, stories and of course, her fearlessness and optimism. Follow her stories to be inspired, to see some of the most amazing things on earth, and to experience the most authentic cultures and traditions.


Twipper of the Week: Trey Ratcliff from Stuck in Customs. 


Current city: Queenstown, New Zealand

Age: 44.

Total countries visited: 30 or so?

What makes you interesting: Well, people say what makes me interesting is my unique photography technique that is somewhere between the dream of exploring and a waking sleep.

What brands do you love: Ritz-Carlton, DJI, and Google.

What’s your favorite passport stamp: Antarctica… I got one at Scott Base on the main continent.

What have you learned about yourself during your travels: That travel makes me more gentle and present.

If your personality was a city or country, which one would it be: New Zealand!

What are the top reasons should someone travel with you: I’m super chill. I don’t take myself too seriously by always joking around. I like exploring all the time with my camera, and often times with wine and chocolate.

What item will you never leave home without: Actually I designed my own camera bag, so I keep that with me all the time, full of goodies.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from traveling: If something kinda not-so-awesome happens, just let it go. Let it go immediately otherwise it will suck away much needed energy for present-awesomeness!

Next travel destination: A 5-country tour over 30 days with the whole family! Thailand, India, Oman, Qatar, then Italy!


Twippers of the Week: Mike and Anne from HoneyTrek

Mike and Ann

Current city:  Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Age: Anne: 33, Mike 38

Total countries visited: 57

What makes you interesting:  We quit our New York City jobs in 2011 to embark on what turned out to be the World’s Longest Honeymoon and we’ve been traveling the world as digital nomads ever since. As we approach our four year anniversary on the road, HoneyTrek is firing on all cylinders, funding our continued exploration of this amazing world, and allowing us to share all our travel hacks and tips with our Trip Coach Courses: one-on-one workshops for affordable, safe, and epic long-term travel. 

What brands do you love: SteriPEN water purifier for keeping us from consuming a single plastic water bottle in four years, Southwest Airlines for their incredible frequent flyer program and amazing employees and MovingWorlds.org “experteering” programs that allow more professionals to use their skills to make a difference around the world.

If you wash up on a deserted island with your luggage in hand, what’s the one thing you’re thankful you packed:Our Leatherman multi-tool (it is one thing with a dozen uses. Is that cheating?).  To see everything we packed for our 675-day journey around the world visit RTW Packing List

It’s 2050, list all the places you are most proud to have visited:
 Antarctica, Bhutan, Myanmar, Cuba, Micronesia and The Moon…and someplace local where no human foot has yet to step.

What motivates you to travel:The human connection that occurs when you travel slowly, keep an open mind and let new adventures unfold.

Describe your most unique or funniest travel experience: Passing through the village of Achoma, we got pulled over. Not by a cop but a band of dancing elderly Peruvians. A cute old lady comes to our window and says, “Ven aqui. Vamos a bailar!” Essentially, get out and dance. Before you know it, Mike and I had a pint of homebrew in our hand and we are doing the South American Hava Nagila. For some reason they kept telling us to drink faster, just thinking they wanted to get us completely trashed but then we realized there was only one glass for the entire group (germaphobes, try not to think about it) and we were hogging our turn with our cautious sips. Down the hatch it went. Then the ancient shot master comes up to us, he insists on having corn liquor shooters with him. So within the hour we were properly tipsy, rocking out to this strange triangular harp-guitar with our 30 new amigos. Classic. Click to see a photo from this adventure. 

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from traveling:There are many ways to find success and be happy. That definition plays out very differently around the world and it never seems to correlate with how much money you have. Love, health, and a positive outlook seem to be the secret to the good life.

What do you enjoy doing the most during your travels: We love rolling into to local hangouts and sparking up conversations. Like this lively corner store (aka the bar) in Harbour Island, Bahamas last month, we struck up some chatter with a group there, next thing you know we hung out for three hours, laughing, dancing, and hugging it out. They said they, “had never had tourists hang out like that.” We like to break the stereotype of tourist, connect with people and do as the locals do.

Next travel destination: Jordan, Portugal, Georgia, Costa Rica, Greenland, or Antarctica.

The 9 Best New Year’s Eve Parties on the Planet

By: Natalie Austin, TWIP

New Year’s Eve is arguably one of the most anticipated nights of the year and New York isn’t the only city that knows how to do it right. Cities around the globe offer experiences unique to their location and can provide for some of the year’s most unforgettable moments. Here are the top New Year’s celebrations around the globe.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney Harbor

Photo Courtesy of imgcluster.com

Situated on a gorgeous harbor, Sydney offers a New Year’s Eve for those who are looking to spend it nautically. As one of the first capital cities to ring in the New Year, Sydney does this holiday the best. Complete with waterfront restaurants for lavish dinners, lighted boat parades, and yacht parties, to view a most spectacular fireworks show.

Bratislava, Slovakia


Photo Courtesy of travelandleisure.com

If you’re looking for an unpretentious and quaint affair, Bratislava, Slovakia is the perfect party destination for New Year’s. The soiree hosts around 10,000 people each year with open air dance parties, a fireworks show over the Danube River, and local bands and dance groups to entertain. Old Town is divided into a “concert zone” and a “party zone” so goers can choose their desired atmosphere, or get a taste of both.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Photo Courtesy of aboutbrasil.com

Bringing the Carnival flavor with traditional costumes and dance performances, New Year’s Eve comes in as a close second in Brazil’s most vibrant city. Each year the Copacabana Beach is lined with music installations and drum spectaculars, with patrons decked out in white, symbolizing luck in the coming year. At the end of the evening, it is traditional for locals to cleanse themselves in the ocean and cast flowers into the water with the belief that if they don’t return, your wishes for the new year will be granted.  

Berlin, Germany


Photo Courtesy of porumavidasemrotina.com

With the reputation as one best nightlife cities in Europe, it is no wonder why Berlin makes this list. Countless clubs throughout the city host parties lasting through the night, some lasting for over 12 hours. Over one million people flock to Berlin to fill “party mile” through the city, lined with food and drink tents, music stages and of course a breathtaking fireworks show.

Hong Kong, China  

Hong Kong

Photo Courtesy of hongkongnewyearseve.com

China is famous for some of the most unique and bizarre New Year’s traditions, which is why it is a perfect place to welcome the new year. With extravagant parties along the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon or bars in the Lan Kwai Fong district, Hong Kong knows just how to throw a NYE blowout. You can even watch a replica Times Square Ball Drop in the city center. Just like other New Year’s traditions, the firework show is a must-see and can be watched by boat in the Victoria Harbor.

Valparaiso, Chile


Photo Courtesy ofajansalperen.com

One of the most extravagant New Year’s celebrations on the planet is no other than the cultural capital of Chile, Valparaiso. This three-day festival hosts a world renowned fireworks show, with fireworks launched from 17 different points along the coast.  Parties are hosted along the beach to take in the show and most of them go until the sun comes up.

Reykjavik, Iceland


Photo Courtesy of www.traveller.com.au

Another smaller scale NYE can be celebrated in the exotic Reykjavik, a large community party thrown by locals. Beginning at 6pm, bonfires are held throughout the city to symbolize the burning away of the year’s troubles. Gatherings a complete with heaving drinking, folk songs and people dressed as elves and trolls. The party goes through 5am, when locals line up for hotdogs and then head to the hot springs to warm up from an evening outside.  Despite being a frigid location, Reykjavik is the perfect destination to really party like a local this holiday.

Edinburgh, Scotland


Photo Courtesy of planeteu.com

Edinburgh is hands down one of New Year Eve’s best destination as it is home to a remarkable three-day festival. The event kicks off with a torchlight procession, followed by city-wide festivities like outdoor concerts and a traditional Celtic party. While fireworks show is a standard NYE tradition, this display takes place with the magnificent Edinburgh Castle as its backdrop. On New Year’s day, Holyrood Park hosts a competitive dog sledding race and the River Forth hosts an ice-cold water plunge.

Vienna, Austria


Photo Courtesy of event-carnival.com

Vienna is home to both sophisticated events and smaller scale parties, providing a little something for everything on NYE. Those who love the finer things can attend one of its many balls where guests are dressed to the nines. For those who prefer a more local experience, head to the city center, Silvesterpfad for traditional hot mulled wine and toffee apples. Visitors can also opt for a dinner party cruise along the Danube River.


Twippers of the Week: Ashray and Zara from Backpack Me.


Current city: Rome, Italy.

Age: Ashray 29 and Zara 33.

Total countries visited: Together we’ve been to 36 countries. Apart from those we’ve been to a bunch of others individually.

What makes you interesting: We’re from India (Ashray) and Portugal (Zara). Our travel blog offers a multicultural perspective on travel. We experience things differently because of our distinct backgrounds and the world sees us differently too. This reflects on the way we go around the world and share travel stories.

Who is the most interesting person you have met while traveling: It’s always hard to pick just one answer for this type of question. Andy, a British guy we met while road tripping in Patagonia, was indeed interesting. He started traveling around the world solo with his bike 7 years ago. We had been all over the place and had plenty of stories to tell. Funny enough, we kept on bumping into him each other at different petrol pumps as we were all road tripping around the same areas.

What is the best part about having a travel partner: Years from now you’ll have someone to reminisce on your travels with you. Just like the quote from Into The Wild, “Happiness is real only when shared”.

What brands do you love: When you travel you can’t be too particular about brands or products you may or may not be able to get where you are. A couple of brands we’re pretty loyal to, even though not travel related, would be Nintendo and Converse.

What is the most impractical item you have ever packed: A “travel towel”. We were naive to spend any money on such a thing over 4 years ago. Now, we pack a regular towel. Keeping it light is key!

What is your favorite mode of transportation when you travel: Our feet! Not that we travel far on foot but once we are in a given place walking around is always the best method to soak up the local vibes!

Best thing you have bought during your travels: We don’t buy much stuff to carry around with us. So the best things we’ve bought during our travels are probably meals in certain countries. A few meals we’ve had in Mexico, India and Thailand have achieved legendary status in our lives.

What does “Travel” mean to you: Travel means expanding our horizons and never stagnating.

Next travel destination: After a few weeks exploring the South of Italy, we’ll be heading to Jordan to visit Petra and do a road-trip around the country.

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