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Twipper of the Week: Ron from Frog Traveler.

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Current city: Barcelona, Spain.

Age: 34

Total countries visited: 49 so far.

What makes you interesting: My frog Gusi is always traveling with me. I like taking jumping pictures. I know all the flags and countries of the world. I have a keychain collection from all the cities I visit (more than 300). I bought wallpaper for my room (see picture below). I love languages, I can speak five fluently plus three more conversational. I love sunsets and deserts. I have worked in many different places as a trainer, teacher, agent, receptionist, manager, sales, waiter and driver because I prefer to have many experiences than being a nine-to-five robot. The same concept for everything but work. I have no religion because I like people and I believe in people. Meeting people from around the world and sharing different experiences with them is very exciting for me.

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What brands do you love: I am not into brands especially when  you find people who cannot have clothes. No watches, no wallet, or fancy stuff anymore. My trip to Brazil showed me that we don’t need much to live and be happy.

What’s one thing you have no problem breaking the bank for when traveling: Probably food. I like to eat in restaurants or cook by myself. Please no street food, thank you. I do sometimes run out of the budget for thermal baths, massage and spas. I like pleasure more than goods.

How has travel changed you or how do you hope it will change you: I was living a wealthy life few years ago, having my own company with my partner. After certain time I was spending much money on things that I didn’t really need and I was starting to be greedy as was my partner. I wasn’t happy with that lifestyle and decided to quit my company and backpack through South East Asia. In Vietnam, and  other countries in Myanmar, I met very interesting people who showed me where to find happiness; it was the best experience ever. After that, I can confirm I am absolutely happy, feeling lucky and having a wonderful life.

It’s 2050, list all the places you are most proud to have visited: I love this question! My wishing list of top places to visit before 2050 is Machu Pichu (Peru), Uyuni (Bolivia), Galapagos Islands (Ecuador), Easter Island (Chile), Namibia, Egypt, China, Iceland, Mexico, Belize, New Zealand, Maldives, South Korea and Philippines.

What is the longest period of time that you have been away from home: Near 9 months. That was my trip in South East Asia. 

What do you put in your carry-on baggage: Here is all I carry when I travel,

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My frog Gusi, my 8 year old camera, toiletries and clothes. I use to carry a maximum of 8 kilos. If I stay long, I buy new clothes and gift the ‘old’ clothes to people who really need them.

Where did you go for your first travel experience and at what age: On my first ´big’ travel experience I went to Kiev, Ukraine. A Ukrainian friend I met in Barcelona invited me to visit for 15 days. I was on my second year of a Sports Science Degree, I was 21 years old.

Next travel destination: South Korea


Twippers of the Week: Oksana and Max from Drink Tea & Travel.

TOW - Oksana and Max

Current city: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Age: Oksana is 30 and Max is 29.

Total countries visited: Between the two of us we’ve stepped foot on all continents except Antarctica, visited 48 countries and have lived in 7 of them!

What makes you interesting: We come from very unique backgrounds and seem to be unable to sit still. Our passports say we are Canadian, but the truth is our upbringing was anything but typical. Max grew up in Costa Rica and Oksana in Ukraine. We have lived in many countries around the world, (Max in 4 and Oksana in 5) and we truly feel like world citizens. After leaving our last home base in Australia four months ago, we are now full time travelers and nomads, happy to call the globe our playground for the foreseeable future.

Who is the most interesting person you have met while traveling: While visiting Bucharest, Romania, we caught an Uber into town and discovered that our Uber driver, who was likely in his early 50’s, was a first-hand witness of the events of the Romanian Revolution in 1989.

Over the course of a 15-minute Uber ride to Old Town, he shared a play by play of the events that unfolded on that historic December evening, his personal involvement in the revolution and the ousting of Romania’s Communist President Nicolae Ceausescu. This was a surreal story you would expect from a historian and we were absolutely enthralled hearing it first-hand from our driver, Adrian. We actually took the long way into Old Town just to hear more of his stories. Fascinating individual!

What is the best part about having a travel partner: We love the fact when we travel as a couple. We’re always sharing our experiences with each other – good, bad or ugly. We think it’s always better to have someone to rely on in tough times and share the joys in those amazing, breathtaking moments.

What brands do you love: We can’t live without our Apple electronics, Sony cameras and Lipton tea!

What is the most impractical item you have ever packed: Nothing! Honestly, after many years of traveling around the world we have a very tight packing list that contains nothing but essential items. We travel with only 10-12kgs each. There simply is no room for impractical items in our bags.

What is your favorite mode of transportation when you travel: We love getting around on a scooter. It gives us the flexibility to see off the beaten path sights and attractions and is often one of the cheapest ways to get around.

Best thing you have bought during your travels: We love shopping abroad. A few years ago, Max bought a pair of fake Nike Free running shoes that have lasted him for more than three years. Oksana just can’t get enough of those super comfy Aladdin pants.

What does “Travel” mean to you: Travel means immersion. For us, it’s all about being able to immerse ourselves into a new culture and learn about the customs and traditions. Travel is about learning and constant personal growth. This is why we love to travel.

Next travel destination: In the last three months we’ve taken the long way to get from Australia to North America, stopping in a few countries in S.E.A, a couple in Eastern and Western Europe, and Northern Africa. Next on our itinerary is Costa Rica where we will be spending the rest of this year!


Twipper of the Week: Drew Goldberg from The Hungry Partier.

Current city:  Currently I am traveling though Sofia, Bulgaria, but my home is out of my backpack.

Age: 24

What makes you interesting:  When I finished college I rejected the idea to find a “corporate job” like 99% of my friends did and took a job as an English teacher in South Korea.  I started my travel blog from day one. Two years later I now have 60K monthly visits to my site and over 100K combined social media followers.

Total countries visited: 64

What is your most favorite travel memory: Taking a private tour of the biggest slum in Asia called Dharavi in Mumbai, India. Witnessing 1 million people living inside of a 2 kilometer area was the single most eye-opening experience to date.  I learned to really appreciate the things I have in life and to never complain about anything.

What is the most interesting food you have tried and where:  I ate an entire live octopus in Seoul, Korea.  There’s a video of me eating it on Youtube!

What is the most impractical item you have packed: An obnoxiously long selfie stick.

What is your favorite mode of transportation when you travel: I prefer to travel on trains because I love to look out the window at the countryside!  Also, I am able to get a lot of work done (writing blog posts, etc).

What do people say when they travel with you: People say I’m like the Energizer Bunny. I’m always adventuring around nonstop!

Next travel destination: Cairo next week. Turkey the week after. Back to Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus) and then South East Asia until 2016.


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