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Twipper of the Week: Tara Donaldson from Living With The Travel Bug!

Current city: New York City, New York, USA

Age: 33

Total countries visited: 36

What makes you interesting: I think being interesting has a lot to do with the different experiences you’ve had and the different cultures, people and places you’ve been exposed to. Travel makes you well-rounded and full of unique stories. I guess I have a lot of those!

What brands do you love: Flight001 for travel stuff and Paravel, which is new on the scene but making a lot of cool vintage inspired travel gear.

What motivates you to travel: Everything! I like to travel when I’m happy, when I’m sad, for fun and for work, with family/friends and solo. I love travel so much just about anything motivates me to do it.

What do you enjoy doing the most during your travels: Eating, exploring and shopping!

If you wash up on a deserted island with your luggage in hand, what’s the one thing you’re thanking God you packed: A bathing suit. Definitely a bathing suit.

Describe your most unique or funniest travel experience: This is a hard one because so many interesting and odd things happen when you travel! I’d have to say getting to walk on The Great Pyramids of Giza and then climbing inside to see the tomb. Those Pyramids are such an incredible feat and to see up close. It’s amazing that thousands of years ago, people were able to build them to be perfectly shaped pyramids when you see them from afar. That was easily one of the best travel moments I’ve ever had.

What are your travel pet peeves: Rude travelers and people who aren’t open to the culture, or the ways of the destination they’re visiting. If you think home is so much better than where you are and you’re constantly making that known, maybe traveling isn’t for you.

If you were given a free trip tomorrow, where would you go and why: India. I’ve been obsessed with India forever. I just think it’s so majestic. I’d want to see the temples, the markets, eat the food, interact with the people, buy fabric, do yoga and watch the sunset.

Next travel destination: Probably Trinidad & Tobago. The place where my family is from and I call home. Tobago is the sweetest little Caribbean island ever.

Twipper of the Month – October 2017

Twipper of the Month – October 2017: Gareth Leonard from Tourist 2 Townie!

Like many travelers featured on TWIP, Gareth realized he wasn’t living the authentic life he always dreamed about. After graduation, he became the Director of Marketing for a startup and helped the business grow into a multimillion dollar company. In October 2009, after many long hours and living someone else’s dream, Gareth found himself at a crossroads between a career in business or pursuing something he truly loved to do. Since his study abroad in London during his junior year of college, Gareth realized he wanted to travel differently by moving away from guided tour groups and get to know foreign communities on a more authentic and intimate level. He decided to drop everything and booked a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires, Argentina where he learned Spanish and bartended at a local brewery. From there Gareth created a five-year plan and a list of goals for each country he visits along the way. From learning, how to salsa dance in Colombia to living with monkeys in Ecuador, Gareth is on a mission to get out of his comfort zone and be more than just a tourist. Why? Gareth wants to be that local who has their own seat at the bar and has unlimited knowledgeable about where he lives. Through his videos and blog posts, he not only educates his followers but travels deeper and truly understands a place through the people and their culture. It’s because of this passion that we named Gareth as our Twipper of the Month for October!


Twippers of the Week: Torben and Angie from The Global Wanderlust!

Current city: Barcelona, Spain

Age: 33 & 39

Total countries visited: Who keeps count?

What makes you interesting: Our differences. Angie is from the Dominican Republic and I’m from Denmark. Two different cultures, two different upbringings but we are the perfect example of opposites attract.

What brands do you love: I’m sure Angie has a long list of high-end designer and clothing brands she loves but I’m more a simple kind of guy. My favorite brands would be any good food brand!

Most magical place on earth: Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic will always be a special and magical place for us. It’s a gorgeous part of the island, not so crowded with all-inclusive resorts and tourists. It feels like home and it was actually where we got married!

What motivates you to travel: To live new experiences, meet new people, see the world and all its wonder. It might be a cliché but we feel the most alive when traveling!

Describe your most unique or funniest travel experience: Definitely our beach wedding in the Dominican Republic. I got married with a set of brand new shoes that weren’t even from the same pair and didn’t notice until after the wedding was over. Brilliant right!

Describe the last time you tried something new: I tried a new restaurant yesterday, that was pretty good!

Where and when were you the most culture shocked: We both were very positively shocked in Japan. It’s such an impressive culture. It was educated, traditional but modern and different from the western culture. It’s quite the experience; had I not been there, I would put it on top of my bucket list!

Best travel advice: Don’t be a tourist!

Next travel destination: Seychelles, Africa


Twipper of the Week: Tosin Idowu from Tosinfinity and Beyond!

Current city: Suphan Buri, Thailand

Age: 25 years old

Total countries visited: 35 countries

What makes you interesting:  I’m very free spirited. I sing and dance whenever I feel like it. I take photos of things I think are beautiful. I laugh at anything/everything. I am unapologetically me.

What brands do you love:  I love Chipotle. While traveling, that’s the only chain of food I have found myself missing.

If you wash up on a deserted island with your luggage in hand, what’s the one thing you’re thanking God you packed: My phone, only because it has all my music. Music means so much to me. It makes moments that much more beautiful. I would be thanking God for the full battery on my phone to dance to Spotify music all night.

Describe your most unique or funniest travel experience: Can’t really say I have one special one. I try and make every moment a memorable one.

Who is the most interesting person you have met while traveling: I haven’t really met anyone famous while traveling. I’m hoping I happen to run into Coldplay one of these days.

What’s one thing you have no problem breaking the bank for when traveling: I have no problem breaking the bank for something I really want if I know I won’t be able to find any where else in the world. I do make sure I don’t leave without the special item I want.

What people say when they travel with you: I’m crazy. I’m the crazy friend. The bold friend. I will approach anyone for anything. Whether it’s getting a taxi for a cheaper price or getting a guys number for my friend. I do it.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from traveling: You have to be in a constant pursuit for the things that set your soul on fire. Life is way to short to be anything short of happy.

Next travel destination: Stockholm, Sweden and then Spain!


Twippers of the Week: Josh and Krissy from Wanderlust Duo!

Current City: We are currently at home in St. Louis and gearing up for an adventure to Central America for the very first time.

Age: Josh is 38 and Krissy is 36.

Total countries visited: So far we’ve explored the cities and regions of 35 countries, 33 of which we’ve visited in the last three years.

What makes you interesting: Next month we’ll be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary… It’s amazing how time flies!!  We have spent nearly half of our lives together and have only traveled abroad together.

What brand do you love: We love brands that help us travel more efficiently. For example, when we touch down in a new country, T-Mobile automatically connects to the local mobile provider, giving us data for no extra charge.  Another great one is Charles Schwab’s ATM card, which refunds fees from any ATM in the world.  We also love Airbnb, which allows us to travel slower, live in real neighborhoods, and cook whatever strange things we find in the local markets.

What does “Travel” mean to you: For us, travel is a way to truly expand horizons.  There is no way to better learn more about yourself than to be confronted with unimaginable scenarios in strange surroundings, and overcome new obstacles.  It’s also amazing to find that most people are friendly and willing to help when someone is in need. International travel also makes the world a much smaller and more relatable place!

What has been the most useful thing you have brought on a trip: We purchased a RAVPower 26800 mAh portable charger that has been priceless.  It has three outputs and can charge an iPhone 7 nine time between recharges.  Also, it may seem simple, but when living out of a backpack, packing cubes are a great way to fight wrinkles and keep things somewhat organized.

Describe the last time you tried something new: We are always on the hunt to try new things, and are cautiously up for anything.  It’s definitely not our most exciting “new thing”, but we recently tried our first all-vegan restaurant and were very impressed!

Do you have any recommendations to help battle jet lag: In order to battle jet lag, we try sleep on the plane based on the local sleeping times of the places we visit.  Also, we find that bringing extra drinking water onboard the flight and avoiding caffeine and alcohol seems to help.

What is the best part about having a travel partner: Traveling with a partner is the only way to go!  Most importantly, you’ll form a special “co-pilot” bond and can revisit shared memories for life.

What is your most favorite travel memory:The first travel memory that comes to mind was from our first European trip.  We were traveling from Barcelona to Nice and made every mistake possible.  We went to the wrong train station, got on the wrong train, and when we finally figured things out and made it to France, we were so sick of trains we hopped off and rented a highly over-priced car.  It was getting late as we neared Nice, and when finally we pulled off the highway for gas, all the stations were closed.  When we finally found an open station and rolled in on fumes, our credit cards weren’t working and our phones were dead.  We ended up getting just enough gas with the coins we had for tolls, and made it!  It’s funny how such a stressful day can turn into such a funny memory.  As they say, “It’s the journey, not the destination.”

Next travel destination: We are currently fanning the flames on our new St. Louis-based business, but we are planning to spend some time in Central America once the temperatures drop a bit.  Everything’s up in the air as of yet, but Costa Rica, Guadalupe, and Panama rank high on the list!


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