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Twipper of the Week: Sarah Gregg from Backpacks and Dreams – Travel off the Beaten Track!

Current city: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Age: 35

Total countries visited: 47

What makes you interesting: This is a difficult question! What makes me interesting is that I travel full-time with my husband. A year ago, we made the decision to quit our successful jobs. We sold our house, our car and our belongings. People warned us that leaving was a risk, but for us, the biggest risk was staying. Life is too short not to do what you love.

What brands do you love: For technology, GoPro & Lenovo, Revolut for travel money card Liha Beauty for cosmetics.

What motivates you to travel: The world continues to amaze you when you travel. There is always something more to see, do and experience. I love exploring places of natural beauty, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.

What is your most favorite travel memory: There are so many! My favorite from this trip is receiving a blessing from the youngest high priestess in Bali, Ida Resi Alit. Her story of how she returned from the dead really intrigued me. Meeting her in person and receiving a blessing was very a special experience.

What do you enjoy doing the most during your travels: I love the challenge of getting off the beaten track. Getting off the beaten track means different things to everyone. For me, it’s simply finding places where you can connect with local people. Some of my most memorable experiences have been in places you wouldn’t find a guidebook.

Where and when were you the most culture shocked: China. We arrived after travelling overland by train on the Trans-Siberian. I remember getting off the train and feeling overwhelmed. The language barrier, the volume of people and the cultural difference was so vast. To beat the culture shock, we sought refuge, and coffee, in the only place we could recognize – McDonald’s!

What has been the most useful thing you have brought on a trip: GoPro Hero 5. It’s captured some amazing, natural moments.

If you were given a free trip tomorrow, where would you go: I would love to do the Mongol Rally, a 10,000-mile car adventure across Europe taken in beat up old cars. I’ve never entered a travel challenge like that before so it would be an incredible experience.

Next travel destination: I am heading home to Belfast, Northern Ireland next week. I am excited to see family and friends. The one thing I am not excited about is the cold! Then we fly back to SE Asia to continue travelling.


Twippers of the Week: Paula and Gordon from Contented Traveller!

Current city: Wollongong, Australia. This is our home by the beach, and we love it. We are only here a few months of each year now that we work as professional travel bloggers. When we are here, we feel as if we are on holiday. Its 8 am in the morning and we will walk across to the beach for coffee. Gordy will go for a surf and I will work on our website in a little café.

Age: 60 and 61.

Total countries visited: 51 (though Math is not my strong suit).

What makes you interesting: For some reason, in an interview we were referred to as ‘Seniorpreneurs.’ We both come from corporate careers and became travel bloggers. Many people want to be like us, ‘when they grow up.’  We love people, and we are good at communicating with them. This transfers when writing for our blog which has won many awards  by keeping our readers informed, and amused at the same time. We ‘keep it real!’

What brands do you love: Merrell, North Face and Icebreaker, because we both love to ski. Apple anything and everything. I was going to name our apartment the iApartment. Panasonic for our camera equipment.

What does “Travel” mean to you: Travel is all about serendipity, and it’s those random events you cannot plan for. Meeting local people, eating local food, and trying to immerse in the culture, mostly through watching people go about their daily lives. What Gordon sees, and I see, and how we interpret these things can be vastly different, and that’s a good thing.

#1 thing you must do when traveling: Walk around a lot, people watch and eat!

What destinations are on your bucket list: South America, as we haven’t been there yet. Chile because our friend comes from there, and Colombia, Panama, and Ecuador are all appealing.

What is the best part about having a travel partner: From a work perspective, it is great because we can balance out the blog with two of us working on it. Also, Gordon does all the adrenaline stuff, like diving, etc. On the flip side, I have a habit of picking up people, and these end up being great stories …well Gordon wasn’t very happy when I picked up a man who had just been released from jail, but there is always a story in a story. Apparently, he is/was a world-renowned videographer. Also, we actually really like one another. Ok, we may get divorced a few times a trip, but we make up quickly.

What is your most favorite travel memory: I’m like a child when I travel. I get so excited seeing new things. Maybe staying on a houseboat on the Prinsengracht Canal in Amsterdam, where people thought we were locals, and waved to us. Also, I had a broken leg from skiing and it was nice to wave my crutches at them. I adore Amsterdam.

If you were given a free trip tomorrow, where would you go: I want to say back to Amsterdam, or Ireland, but perhaps to South America, and the Galápagos Island.

Next travel destination: Skiing in Nozawa Onsen in Japan, our home away from home, via Bali.


Twippers of the Week: Chandni Sehgal and Simone Pardiwalla from Grab Your Globe!

Current city: Mumbai, India

Age: Simone and Chandni and 27-years-old.

Total countries visited: 22 and counting!

What makes you interesting: There are thousands of travel bloggers all over the world, and we like to think we bring our own brand of zany to this genre. We noticed a lot of the successful bloggers are people who gave up their day jobs and went traveling full-time. That got us thinking – how can we pursue successful careers while continuing to travel? That’s how we came up with GYG’s tagline – work hard, trip harder. It’s not feasible for everyone to drop their everyday lives and get on the road, so we try to lead by example and balance the two.

What brands do you love: Ray-Ban – whether visiting beaches, mountains or cities, they’re our constant companions. Timberland, Converse and Doc Marten for their super resilient boots. Zara and H&M for their easy breezy all kind-off weather wear.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from traveling: First, it’s important to acknowledge cultural differences and embrace them. You’d be surprised at what you’ll learn from someone else’s way of life. Immerse yourself in travel. Don’t visit a place by doing a fly-by-tourist drop, instead, live in the place you seek to discover. Second, welcome change with open arms. Traveling is all about new and sometimes scary experiences that’ll often alter the way you think. Embrace it.

What has been the most useful thing you have brought on a trip: There are several things beyond the most basic essentials.

  1. A multi-currency travel card is always useful.
  2. Multiple copies of your passport in case of unforeseen emergencies, like getting drunk and subsequently losing your stuff in a foreign country.
  3. DSLR for those gorgeous shots.
  4. Travel Insurance.

Who is the most interesting person you have met while traveling: Two 20-something year old girls in the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil who live in the back of beyond, studying dolphin behavior and isolated from the rest of the world.

It’s 2050, list all the places you are most proud to have visited: Japan, inspired by Murakami‘s eccentric descriptions of the place. Corsica, for what used to be its raw, untouched beauty. Giza, for the pyramids. The arctic regions for the Northern Lights.

Describe the last time you tried something new: Climbing Machu Picchu was an unforgettable experience as was scuba diving in the beautiful waters of Bali. Also, eating a gigantic roasted ant in the Amazon!

It’s your first day arriving in a country with a language so foreign it might as well be gibberish, how do you plan to get by: Sign language, and Google Maps and Translate.

Next travel destination: Borneo! The largest island in Asia.


Twipper of the Week: Linda from Linda Goes East.

Current city: Cheongju, South Korea

Age: 25

Total countries visited: 25

What makes you interesting: Love for travel, especially Asia, and I have a passion for foreign languages. I currently speak six languages.

What brands do you love: I love Nikon, especially my D500 DLSR. I also love to stay healthy with Organic Burst superfoods, especially when traveling.

Most magical place on earth: It’s hard to name only one. My top three are Fenghuang, China, Chiang Mai, Thailand during Loy Krathong and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Where did you go for your first travel experience and at what age: The first time I took an airplane was to visit my family in the US at 1 year old. 

What does “Travel” mean to you: Traveling to me means testing limits, stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things. It’s a a journey to find myself.

What item will you never leave home without: My cellphone so I can get travel alerts for the cheapest flight deals.

Who is the most interesting person you have met while traveling: Most recently, a young monk in Chiang Mai who is leading the local meditation retreat. After he became an orphan at a young age he became a monk and is inspiring others to follow the Buddhist lifestyle. He welcomed any questions people had during our retreat and showed such compassion and understanding towards other cultures. He was amazing.

Describe the last time you tried something new: I tried my way through Bangkok’s street food culture at Bangkok’s Chinatown recently. It was an exciting adventure!

Next travel destination: Singapore, Bali and the Philippines!


Twippers of the Week: Claire & Laura Jopson from Twins That Travel.


Current city: Somewhere in beautiful Tuscany, Italy.

Age: 29

Total countries visited: 46

What makes you interesting: We are identical twins who love to travel the world together. Whilst most people stop traveling with their siblings as soon as they are old enough to avoid family vacations, we’ve continued to travel together – choosing each other over our friends and even own boyfriends!

What brands do you love: We love Fossil – a brand dedicated to a sense of adventure! Their bags and accessories are perfect for travel. We also swear by our Eastpak backpacks and Canon cameras.

What item will you never leave home without: Our cameras, Canon G Shot and Canon 7D. Photography is a huge part of our travels and something we absolutely love to do whilst traveling.

What is the best part about having a travel partner: Traveling with your twin sister is a little like traveling with yourself. We share the same likes, dislikes and both know when we need a nap or food break! It also means knowing that you have someone with you who will care for you whatever and put up with all your annoying habits.

What does “Travel” mean to you: Travel for us means the chance to be mindful. In everyday life, we are so busy with work and our general routine, that we don’t always have the opportunity to stop and take in our surroundings. When we travel, however, the new sights and sounds surrounding us mean that we are able to stop and appreciate everything around us. It’s our chance to really engage with life.

What is the most interesting food you have ever tried and where: Puffer fish in Japan. Both tasty and terrifying!

What is your most favorite travel memory: Exploring the magical ‘fairy’ waterfalls of the Isle of Skye, Scotland. The landscape there is breathtaking and we had the whole place to ourselves one Sunday afternoon. Alone in the spring sunshine!

#1 thing you must do when traveling: Slow down, be mindful and take the time to absorb the experience. No rushing!

Next travel destination: Bali, Indonesia!

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