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Twipper of the Month – April 2016: Annette White from Bucket List Journey


As we often hear, “never let your fear decide your fate.” May it be a steep mountain to climb or an unfathomable ocean to dive, we ought to be unafraid of nature and the world. We must  exceed our potentials, breakthrough the hardships in life as our Twipper of the Month, Annette White unveils through her stories. An award-winning blogger and travel writer, Annette is also an dauntless individual like no other. She never quails at those once-in-a-life adventures, as she says, “90% of the time it is fear speaking.” She constantly seeks to conquer the nature and refuses to bow to the challenges that lie ahead. From ziplining through a Costa Rican rain forest to rappelling down a hundred foot waterfall, she continually checks off her bucket list with over 800 items, spanning over 5 continents and 36 countries.

A foodie and wine enthusiast, Annette is also the owner and chef of a Michelin recommended Italian restaurant in Northern California. She has also been featured and awarded by numerous major publishers noting her breath-taking travel photos, stories and of course, her fearlessness and optimism. Follow her stories to be inspired, to see some of the most amazing things on earth, and to experience the most authentic cultures and traditions.


Twipper of the Week: The Guy Who Flies from Flights and Frustration.


Current city: I’m currently based just outside the city of Kristiansand in the southern part of Norway.

Age: 43

Total countries visited: Not sure exactly, but it’s definitely over 40 when I last counted.

What makes you interesting: Good question. I’m not really sure I’m interesting, but my travels might be. I’m currently travel the world flying most months of the year to six out of seven continents. I have over a million frequent flyer miles ready to redeem with SkyTeam at a time of my choosing. Oh, I also spent nearly a year and a half living and working in Saudi Arabia at the turn of the century.

What brands do you love: I must admit, generally I’m not big on brands. However as a traveller, the brands of Samsonite and Apple stand out. Samsonite because I quickly fell in love with my carry on bag even though it was an emergency purchase (my last one broke whilst I was going through airport security). My new carry on has a lot of storage space, plenty of pouches and built in TSA approved locks. It’s perfect for my needs. As for Apple, who can travel without an iPod or iPad these days? Plus, my Macbook Air is so neat and reliable I don’t think I ever want to have Windows as my personal computer again.

Best travel advice: Try to get a good mix of planning and flexibility. When I go somewhere I like to know where I’m staying and how I’m going to get there. Beyond that, time permitting, I like to explore and see what I’ll find rather than being tied to an itinerary. It’s when you explore “off the leash” that you get a real sense of a the location, native people and their culture.

What does “Travel” mean to you: Travel has become a way of life for me. I’ve been travelling for work most of my career and can’t imagine working any other way. If I’m not looking forward to my next trip away then I think I’d become bored and unstimulated by my long term surroundings. Travel is an adventure. I’ve covered the world many times over and so many cities that now feel like second homes. I’m lost without travel.

What have you learned about yourself during your travels: To be self-sufficient. I’ve always been comfortable in my own company, but now I have it down to a fine art. In fact I find travelling with company a little strange  since I feel like I’m responsible for others. This is probably when I become most self-conscious when I travel.  I’ve learnt to cope with this on my own, no matter where I may be.

Describe the last time you tried something new: I’ve just tried cooking a food dish I bought in a local Norwegian supermarket in a self-contained apartment. All the instructions are in Norwegian (which I don’t understand) so the outcome could be quite interesting!

It’s 2050, list all the places you are most proud to have visited: I’d like to be able to say I’ve visited all seven continents. Visiting Antarctica and seeing the penguins is my biggest travel ambition at the moment.  When I do visit Antarctica, it will be my proudest travel moment of my life.

What is your best and worst travel memory: The worst memory is easy. I’ve had numerous bouts of food poisoning including a week of excruciatingly painful stomach cramps after eating in India. The best memory is a sport filled weekend in Melbourne in 2003. Over one long weekend I managed to attend an international rules match (Gaelic football meets Aussie rules) at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, then I attend the Melbourne Derby race meeting. This was followed by an evening at the Telstra Dome to watch a rugby union World Cup match between Ireland and Australia. Then to round things off a few days later I attended the Melbourne Cup!

Next travel destination: I’m scheduled to head to Michigan and one of the Carolina’s.


Twippers of the Week: John and Sarah from Lovers & Explorers.


Current city: Idaho Falls, Idaho

Age: John is 28 and Sarah is 26.

What makes you interesting: We got married two years ago and decided that it would be the start of our adventure together. We aren’t in a position to quit our jobs and don’t want to at this point in our lives. We find ways to travel while staying employed and love to include our amateur marriage advice while we recount our adventures.

Total countries visited: 21 but many, many more to come!

Best travel advice: Be prepared! Doing research ahead of time makes for a much more relaxing experience. We also recommend communicating and splitting up travel tasks with your partner. Each person has something unique to offer. Bonus: have each person plan a surprise. This offers a whole new experience you may not have chosen on your own.

What do you enjoy doing the most during your travels: Exploring brand new places, eating new food, experiencing the culture in the most authentic way possible, and getting to the highest point available. John loves trying to learn the language (or just attempting it) and Sarah likes riding horses in new countries.

What item will you never leave home without: Our Kindles! We love taking advantage of trains and airplanes to relax, and it makes it a lot easier if you don’t have a bag full of books. John always brings his noise-cancelling headphones because you just never know when those come in handy. Sarah always brings flip-flops. After a day of walking/hiking, it’s so nice to take off your shoes and let your feet breathe. They also come in handy when in sketchy showers.

If you were given a free trip tomorrow, where would you go: Ireland! John bought Sarah a piece of land there for Christmas and they’re desperate to go discover it. Plus, Sarah has a half sister there that she’s never met in person.

Most magical place on earth: Iceland. No words do it justice. We were constantly pulling over our rental car to take in a new landscape; waterfalls, mountains, icebergs, hot springs and trolls!

Next travel destination: In the US we will be visiting Southern California in September, Las Vegas in October, Denver in November and Austin in December. Internationally we will be traveling to Cozumel in December for some scuba diving and relaxation. We’re also planning a Southeast Asia trip for next year.

How to Travel with Friends Without Pulling Your Hair Out


The TWIP team is here for a few reasons:  1) To help you find interesting people, like your super interesting self, to travel with.  2) To help you get weird in the world on those adventures you desire most. 3) To get people to the first party on the Moon!…not sure if we can get you back though, space travel is expensive these days.

The fact does remain however; taking a vacay with one of your best friends is pretty cool.  While it’s hard to decide who your best friend is—Is it Piglet or Eeyore or Tigger? Decisions…decisions—we’d like to mention that a best friend trip can be a dangerous task to undertake.  First you’re smiling and braiding each other’s hair, then you’re slowly becoming jealous of Jim’s awesome backpack, and before you can say Timbuktu, you’re ripping out those beautiful braids screaming, “Redrum, Mrs. Torrence!”

We’ve seen it a hundred times.  That’s why we’ve decided to offer some tips for how to make the friend trip a success…

1. Pick a friend that you have spent time with on a number of different occasions.

Reflect on who you have had sleepovers, spent nights drinking, partied, argued, laughed, and cried with over the years. Think about someone you have known for most of your life, inside and out.  The key here is adaptability, know you’re traveling with but most importantly make sure they can handle the different sways of adversity the trip may throw on them.  If they can dig in with the good, the bad and the ugly, most likely, they’re a good person to travel with.

2. Discuss with your travel companion what kind of trip you envision taking.

Do you want to explore other cities, go on a stay-cation, or lay on the beach? If one person is adventurous and wants to go backpacking throughout the trip, while the other is super laid-back and enjoys sitting outside sipping a cup of coffee, here comes a recipe for disaster! Take the time to plan out what you would both like to do so that by the end of the trip, both companions can say the vacation was worthwhile.

3. Come up with a way both travel partners can “ball on a budget.”

Decide on how much money each person can spend on accommodations, food and transportation, along with which activities you would like to allocate money towards. This way, you can still see everything there is to see throughout the excursion without completely emptying out your pockets.

4. Decide when each travel partner would like to spend alone time to explore and do other things.

It is common that when people spend too much time together, resentment builds up, you get sick of each other which will eventually lead to—you guessed it—pulling each others’ hair out. Pick a time or day(s) where each partner would like to venture off to do their own thing. Going off to do your own thing will allow growth in conversation, storytelling, and will make the trip more memorable.

5. Be considerate of one another throughout the trip.

Be aware of each others’ moods, fatigue, neatness, routines and habits. Don’t be that person to hog the bathroom all morning or spend all night on the phone while the other is trying to sleep. Getting on each others’ nerves is the last thing you want to do while trying to relax on vacation; this will cause months of not talking after the trip.

Trust us when we say please follow these five golden rules.  We’ve learned them the hard way.  My sister is still sitting in a Polish jail after beating up her college roommate for the last Skittle in the bag.  We don’t want you to do that, you don’t want to do that, so don’t do it, folks.

Travel on…

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