Amanda Little


Amanda has always had a thirst for adventure and her grandparents helped her focus that on traveling. Now armed with her journalism and photography background, she plans to travel the globe and record what she finds along the way. When she isn’t traveling, she likes to write novels, try new foods, and meet up with old friends, although that usually involves a little bit of traveling too. But that’s half the fun!

Dennis Breier


Dennis Breier is a financial advisor, father of five, and founder of the blog, Ranking Your Children: Advice on Finance, Family, and Life.  Dennis thought it would be funny to rank his children based on their general place in his heart one evening on Facebook.  Little did he know that post would become quite popular and he would be asked to come out with new child rankings.  From those Facebook posts, was born.  Dennis hopes that his blog can help people tackle the challenge of raising children in a real and humorous way.