Twippers of the Year 2017: Charlotte and Josh from The Spindrifters!

“It’s incredibly exciting to learn more about the world we live in and the amazing people that occupy it,” says Josh and Charlotte from The Spindrifters. Through their community service efforts, Josh and Charlotte immerse themselves into the local’s lifestyle to get a better understanding and knowledge. This traveling duo is always conscious of how they make an impact for local communities. It’s because of their need for helping others wherever their wanderlust takes them that we choose The Spindrifters as our Twippers of the Year 2017!

Long before meeting at Groupon HQ in London, Josh and Charlotte both shared a passion for travel. After two years of working corporate jobs in the “city of fog,” they couldn’t resist the need to “just go” and start a new journey in 2015, and after thinking of a great blog name. What is a Spindrifter? Well, a spindrift is the spray blown from the crests of waves by the wind. Just like this spray, Charlotte and Josh wanted to drift to dream locations, meet new people and take advantage of every opportunity they found along the way. And so they did!

Their favorite opportunities are when they have the chance to help locals in their communities. From working at Non Governmental Organization on a tropical Island in Borneo, to teaching in the slums of Mumbai, to working in countless hostels, they are the true meaning of an Altruist. There traveling isn’t all work without play. Josh and Charlotte always take some time for themselves to explore and experience the breathtaking sights at each destination, and share their adventures with their followers.

Read on for Charlotte and Josh’s travel update for 2017:

What was the best trip that you went on in 2017: We were still on our worldwide adventure in 2017 which lasted 16 months before returning home for a couple of months to see our friends and family!

What is your most favorite travel memory of 2017: We had so many it’s hard to narrow it down! Camping in the Thar Desert after trekking through the sand dunes on camels and eating under the stars by campfire was pretty awesome!

Where has been your favorite destination to volunteer: We volunteered on a desert island in Borneo for 2 months which was absolutely incredible. Working for an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) to help the island develop a sustainable living environment and educating them on waste management was really fulfilling, and it just so happened our bedroom door opened onto the beach!

What does “Travel” mean to you: Travel means, opening ourselves to new opportunities and experiencing amazing cultures, countries and people every single day. It’s eye opening and tough, but also incredibly fulfilling and exciting!

Where and when were you the most culture shocked: Definitely India. Every day to day activity and interaction is completely different to anything you will experience anywhere else. Landing in Delhi and walking around Old Delhi on our first day was definitely something to remember!

What advice would you give someone who wants to start traveling: Start! I don’t think we have ever met anyone who has regretted going travelling. It changes you in so many ways and allows you to experience life in a completely different way than you would in the normal 9 to 5!

Where are you traveling in 2018: We are living in Sri Lanka for the foreseeable future attempting to start a business related to travelling so watch this space!

Twippers of the Year 2016: Stefan and Sebastien from The Nomadic Boys!

“In life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with,” writer and illustrator Charles Schulz knew this, but Stefan and Sebastien made it a reality. Their blog has turned into a guide for LGBT communities by interviewing gay individuals around the world, so their followers can understand restrictions or complications that can arise by being gay in different countries. Forging a network for a worldwide connection among the gay community isn’t easy, especially when some countries aren’t as accepting as others. For these two though, nothing can stop them on their path to a better way of living. It’s because of this consistent drive to self educate about different cultures through travel, that we choose The Nomadic Boys as our Twippers of the Year for 2016!

With humble but comfortable beginnings in a London flat with normal jobs and stable lives, Stefan and Sebastien decided they needed a dramatic change.Their comfortable lifestyle was fine, until it lost its shine. Boredom of the everyday grind had set in. The Nomadic Boys left London in 2014 to begin their adventure around the world. Now, Stefan and Sebastien explore the world together. As their travels bring them closer together, their followers are reminded that love really can, conquer all. From swimming like mermaids to hosting luxury Galapagos cruises, these boys dive into new culinary experiences and inspires romance in a way that draws people to them in droves, particularly in the gay community.

Traveling the world as a gay couple, brings perspective to their way of life. Largely supportive of LGBT businesses, The Nomadic Boys bring support where it’s sorely needed in countries with anti-gay laws, restrictions or social structures. “We started to collaborate with hotel brands, tourism boards and speak at conferences to promote gay travel,” said The Nomadic Boys. There are some places in the world that wouldn’t be safe for a gay couple, and in some cases be downright hostile, but that doesn’t stop these men. Spreading the love is the only way to win, and The Nomadic Boys are well on their way to victory.Congratulations to The Nomadic Boys for being our 2016 Twippers of the Year for 2016! TWIP on our friends, TWIP on!

Read on for Stefan and Sebastien’s travel update for 2016.

What was the best trip that you went on in 2016: Our gay luxury cruise to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador with some of our readers, which we’re really excited to repeat next year.

What is your most favorite travel memory of 2016: Playing with the Galapagos sea lion pups while snorkelling just off the coast of Española Islands. They are so curious and extremely cute.

Who was the most interesting person that you met during your travels in 2016: Our queer tango teacher in Montevideo, Uruguay, Rodrigo.

What motivates you to travel: Meeting gay locals and learning what it’s like growing up as gay in their country, and about each different gay scene in each new destination. This is extremely fascinating and most eye opening thing when we travel, particularly across Asia where it’s illegal or very taboo to be gay in most places.

Describe the last time you tried something new: Ecuadorian food! It’s so varied with influences from the jungle, Amazon and the mountains all mixed in one to create some delicious, exotic flavours.

What have you learned about yourself during your travels: Travelling has made our relationship stronger and we’ve learnt a great deal about each other. For example, when Sebastien is tired and/or hungry, Stefan must keep a safe distance to maintain the peace.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start traveling: Just do it! You’ll never look back on your life and say “Boy I wish I spent more time in the office!”

Where are you traveling in 2017: Latin America, particularly in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador and Colombia.

Twipper of the Year 2015 Seal

Twipper of the Year 2015: Mareen from Miss Everywhere!


“You’re the happiest when you’re doing what you love most,” said the world traveler, Mareen from “Miss Everywhere.”  Through her travel stories, Mareen glows with an excitement for new discoveries, and of course, a perfect tan from her beach travels. Through her devotion to both traveling and telling her story, Mareen has more than earned her title as Twipper of the Year for 2015!

By visiting some of the most exotic places around the world and walking along numerous breathtaking beaches, Mareen tells a beautiful story of stylish adventure. With a collection of articles, photos, and videos, her blogging style emulates a luxury travel magazine, compelling her readers to not only follow her journey but see the world themselves.

mareen 3

Her videos tell a simple, yet compelling vignette of each trip, set to light music and inevitably spreading her infectious passion for travel.

Luxury, tranquility and unearthing; Mareen’s travels tells a story of self-discovery through appreciating resort luxury, local experiences and the beauty of natural wonders. Miss Everywhere sees the world with open eyes, as she knows that true discovery comes from a clear mind and eagerness to uncover things from a new point of view.

mareen 2

Read on for Mareen’s travel update for 2015.

What’s your ‘Travanality’: Maverick.

What was the best trip that you went on in 2015: Rio de Janeiro! I had this destination on my list for quite some time and many of my readers are from Brazil so I was super excited to finally get to know the city. I fell in love with the beautiful landscape, beach and mountains.

What is your most favorite travel memory of 2015: Santorini sunsets; simply magical!

Who was the most interesting person that you met during your travels in 2015: Maria, 92 years old from Crete, Greece. She was sitting on a bench overlooking the tourists walking by a local market place. I sat next to her and she smiled. She told me she comes here every day to watch the people who are full of life and how life can go by so fast. Her eyes were light blue and she barely couldn’t see anymore but she smiled the entire time. There was something about her soul and that moment.

What motivates you to travel: Getting to know new cultures takes your mind on a journey. It is the best education; you learn so much about the world. I love to find new places that maybe inspire others as well  for their next vacation.

Mareen 5

Describe the last time you tried something new: There is something new to experience on every travel. I love to taste local food and specialties from the places I visit.

What have you learned about yourself during your travels: I have learned to be flexible with new situations and to be grateful for what I have day by day.

Where are you traveling in 2016: I will start the year with a trip to Marrakech and have some new destination surprises for my readers on the list for 2016.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start traveling: Pack up your bags and do it! Be curious about the world, become a person of compassion and travel with your eyes wide open! And for everyone like me who is usually a bit late, try to be on time at airports because planes do leave without you!

Twipper of the Year 2014 Seal

Twipper of the Year for 2014: Michael Hodson from GoSeeWrite.

twipper 2

Michael celebrates his individuality through travel.  His first worldly excursion was in 2008, when he decided to take a trip around the world without boarding a plane.  This might sound daunting to some, but 16 months, 6 continents and 44 countries later, he completed his journey.  Since then Michael has been addicted to traveling. His blog posts are full of great tips for finding activities off the beaten path in various countries, showing his desire to integrate himself into the culture and places he visits.  Read on for Michael’s travel update from 2014.

This past year has been anything but boring which is just the way I like it.

I travelled around some pretty neat destinations in Europe including Croatia, Ireland, and one of my favorite cities to visit, London. I went on a stunning road trip up the coast of California and spent a bit of time in Las Vegas. My favorite, as usual, was New Zealand. I simply cannot get enough of that place and should probably consider moving there someday.

One of the craziest things I did, which may sound pretty normal to some, is that I got an apartment in Austin, Texas. It’s been so long since I had a place to call home and now that I do, I find myself wondering things like, how did I live without a Bluetooth speaker? I have to admit, having a home feels pretty luxurious at times and although I miss my nomad life, it hasn’t slowed me down when it comes to traveling.  Don’t worry. I can’t stop.

I started a new company in the past year called Only In VR; the next huge thing in technology. It gives the ability to immerse yourself into a 360 degree environment. When you move your head, you can move throughout 3D space, feeling as if you are actually there in person. This company is my new baby and I’m lucky enough to be able to balance this with and get the best of all worlds.

I will be heading to London and Scotland next. I haven’t been to Scotland in a long time so I am looking forward to it. I reached out to friends for travel advice, but if you know me, you know I’m probably going to wing it.