July Twippers of the Month – July 2018: James and Susan from The Savvy Backpacker

Are you looking to travel by yourself for the first time and in need of advice? If your answer is a YES! then you better get to know our July Twippers of the Month, James and Susan (and maybe their dog Henry too). Inspired by their experiences as first-time travelers, James and Susan guide readers to survive their first travel. These Savvy Backpackers are Twippers of the Month because of their willingness to share what they learn and help others which we here at TWIP think is what travel is about. Sharing your knowledge and inspiring others through experiences!

Twipper of the Month – June 2018:  Dev from FootlooseDev

“Traveling is brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends” (Cesare Pavese) but traveling will also help you discover new friends and  yourself. Our Twipper of the Month for June Dev from FootlooseDev, has learned a thing or two about self discovery during his journey to learning cultures. Before traveling, Dev was more of a follower rather than a leader but that has changed since he started traveling. Today, he is an accomplished blogger/photographer seeking to share his learnings and inspire others to travel.

Twippers of the Month – May 2018: Marta and Michal from WanderIT

Did someone say couple goals? Because we might have just found them in Marta and Michal, our May Twippers of the Month. A passion for photography and love for travel can definitely take you places literally! At 26 years old, this traveling couple has experienced 22 countries together and they’re just getting started. Next year, Marta and Michal will go on a round-the-world trip and will continue capturing the beauty each destination has to offer. If you think their amazing photo skills are the only thing that makes them worth following, then you should also check out the duo’s website which seeks to inspire and help out travelers and aspiring travelers.

Twipper of the Month – April 2018: Janice and George Mucalov from Sand In My Suitcase

“The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.” – Anna Quindlen

Career did not let Janice and George, April’s Twipper of the Month, deter them from living their best life. From briefcase to suitcase the former lawyers have spent the past five years traveling and discovering the world as well as the underworld while writing articles for publications like Islands.com, TravelAge West, NUVO.com, Cruise & Travel Lifestyles, Taste of Life and Interval World.

These luxury travel bloggers like to enjoy the finer things in life – fancy 5-star hotels and cruise ships – but are also down to venture off the beaten path and “losing [themselves] in long conversations with local guides and people.” But what makes the Mucolov’s adventures even more fullfilling is they know how to give back by simply writing and promoting businesses that support good causes and donating to a charity that helps out countries in need.

Twipper of the Month – March 2018: Doreen Pendgracs from Chocolatour!

TOM – Doreen Pendgracs

Mix wanderlust and a love for chocolate, and you have Doreen “The Chocolate Queen” who’s looking to pave the way for a new type of traveling; Chocolatourism. Starting from a love of chocolate, Chocolatour has evolved into a personalized brand of hosted chocolate dinners, chocolate and wine pairing events, chocolate tours, and chocolate chats with Doreen as your host.  And while most of us can only use a word or two to describe chocolate, Doreen wrote an award winning book, Chocolatour: A Quest For The World’s Best Chocolate.  The Chocolatour mission, “to educate, entertain, and inspire chocolate lovers to gain greater knowledge of the world of chocolate through travel,” and she does just that. Through her travels she has learned to appreciate cultural differences and personalities, but nothing has stopped her sweet tooth and to appreciate the best chocolates the world has to offer. Furthermore, she proves that there is more to chocolate than just its sinful goodness.  Doreen’s unique and sweet (literally) way of traveling makes her Twipper of the Month for March.

Twipper of the Month – February 2018: Jane and Duncan from To Travel Too!

Oscar Wilde once said, “to live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” It’s a cynical statement that holds a lot of truth for most of us. Not for Jane and Duncan who are February’s Twippers of the Month! This Baby Boomer couple believes it’s never too late to truly live rather than to merely exist. With their bucket list and wanderlust in check, they set out for a ‘gap year’ inspired by their son which turned into a decade of unforgettable memories and new adventures. After checking off 55 countries on their list, Jane and Duncan are still ready for more! “Travel is a freedom that brings new experiences and adventures every day of your life,” says Jane and Duncan.  They’re an inspiration to baby boomers by showing it’s  never too late to go on that ‘gap year’ you once planned and that age is just a number.

Twipper of the Month – January 2018: Tony Giles from Tony the Traveller!

16-bungee jumps, 3 skydives, and a near-death experience in the rivers of Zambia aren’t the only things that make Tony interesting and our Twipper of the Month for January 2018! What makes him remarkable is the way he chooses to live life with no excuses.  His inabilities to neither see nor hear are not an excuse for him to go after his dreams and travel the world.  Since the age of 19 he began writing about my journeys and publishing two books, Seeing The World My Way and Seeing The Americas My Way,  and one version in Polish. He also has his own travel show documentary on BBC and interviewed for many publications. At 39 and 125 countries later, Tony is determined to visit every country in the world and maybe even the moon. He’s a reminder that with the right mindset we can go anywhere we dream about.

Twipper of the Month – December 2017: Tracey Coleman from Brooklyn Travel Addict!

Tracey is not your average traveler. Besides being a Travel Writer and having an obsession for popcorn, Tracey is also a Humanitarian. With Tracey’s extensive travel experience and her will to make a difference for people around the world, like in Jamaica and Kenya, we have named her our Twipper of the Month for December 2017!

Tracey has been traveling since the age of 10 and hasn’t stopped since. She travels to sunny locations with very little internet to escape the cold winters in New York. Her travel stories have been featured in numerous publications, including Ebony.com, Travel Noire and Parlour Magazine. Tracey has also been named one of Essence’s “9 Travel Instagrams You Should Follow,” and one of Clutch Magazine’s “9 Women Inspiring Us to Travel.” When Tracey isn’t traveling, you can find her on stage at some pretty cool conferences, including Blavity’s Empower her Conference and the Nomadness Tribe ALTERnative Travel Conference.

What makes Tracey a truly interesting and inspiring individual is her nonprofit organization called Purpose Driven Passports. This community of travelers are dedicated to improving the lives of local citizens in the countries they visit. Their vision, “is a world where families are fed, babies are held, homes are built, kids are inspired, and people around the world are empowered and supported by those who vacation in their communities.” You can help support 3-5 projects they choose every year to provide financial resources, supplies, and people needed on the ground. If you are looking for ideas for community service on your next trip, they also connect travelers with places they can make a big difference in only a few hours on vacation.

Twipper of the Month – November 2017: Tara Donaldson from Living With The Travel Bug!

“Now more than ever do I realize that I will never be content with a sedentary life, that I will always be haunted by thoughts of a sun-drenched elsewhere.” – Isabelle Eberhardt

These are words Tara Donaldson, our Twipper of the Month for November, lives by. This Brooklyn-based travel writer and editor has been a contributing writer since 2012, and gets her motivation and inspiration from everything. You may have read some of her articles in Conde Nast, Huffington Post Travel and CNN Travel covering topics about Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago , finding the coolest town in South America, and  packing your carry-on like a pro. What makes Tara interesting? It’s not just the places she has traveled to but the stories she shares about some of the most magical destinations, people and cultures she has experienced. Her favorite destination thus far has been the Great Pyramids of Giza. “Those Pyramids are such an incredible feat to see up close…That was easily one of the best travel moments I’ve ever had,” says Tara. She has no plans of slowing down anytime soon and hopes to visit India in the near future. For now, Tara is going to return to a location she calls home; Trinidad & Tobago.

Twipper of the Month – October 2017: Gareth Leonard from Tourist 2 Townie!

Like many travelers featured on TWIP, Gareth realized he wasn’t living the authentic life he always dreamed about. After graduation, he became the Director of Marketing for a startup and helped the business grow into a multimillion dollar company. In October 2009, after many long hours and living someone else’s dream, Gareth found himself at a crossroads between a career in business or pursuing something he truly loved to do. Since his study abroad in London during his junior year of college, Gareth realized he wanted to travel differently by moving away from guided tour groups and get to know foreign communities on a more authentic and intimate level. He decided to drop everything and booked a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires, Argentina where he learned Spanish and bartended at a local brewery. From there Gareth created a five-year plan and a list of goals for each country he visits along the way. From learning, how to salsa dance in Colombia to living with monkeys in Ecuador, Gareth is on a mission to get out of his comfort zone and be more than just a tourist. Why? Gareth wants to be that local who has their own seat at the bar and has unlimited knowledgeable about where he lives. Through his videos and blog posts, he not only educates his followers but travels deeper and truly understands a place through the people and their culture. It’s because of this passion that we named Gareth as our Twipper of the Month for October!

Twipper of the Month – September 2017: The Smith Family from Our Family Passport!

A family that travels together, grows together. For the Smith Family seeing the world, learning, experiencing and growing as individuals, and as a family, is what motivates them to get out and enjoy life together. The members of the Smith Family are constantly moving up, moving out, growing up and changing. Traveling is an opportunity to stop and enjoy their time together. “We fight and argue like most families, but love being together and trying to put experiences together,” says the Smith Family. This multigenerational family, ages ranging from 4 to 51, has been to over 40 countries and 6 continents including Antarctica. Their blog has something for everyone who loves to travel, from tips on traveling with children to why you need to go on Safari. With their ever-changing bucket list and growing family, now up to 10, the Smiths are excited to see where the world takes them. We can’t wait to see where life takes the Smith Family and happy to announce them as our Twippers of the Month for September!

Twippers of the Month – August 2017: Charlotte and Josh from The Spindrifters!

Many travelers explore new locations is search for the most beautiful beach, the latest food trend or the adrenaline rush of skydiving in an exotic location. What makes Charlotte and Josh interesting is they travel to help others. From working at Nongovernmental Organization on a tropical Island in Borneo, to teaching in the slums of Mumbai,  to working  in countless hostels, these Alturists don’t just explore the world, but create new ones along their way. This world they are creating started in 2015 when they decided the London life has taken its toll and it was time to “just go.”  After months of planning and a name for their blog, Charlotte and Josh left London behind them and started their journey. What they discovered was so much more than what London could show them. From watching the sunrise at the Taj Mahal to volunteering in Borneo, travel continuously motivates them “to learn more about the world we live in and the amazing people that occupy it,” says the Spindrifters. It’s their willingness to learn and to help others along the way that has named Charlotte and John our Twippers of the Month for August.

Twipper of the Month – July 2017: Dave Anderson from Jones Around The World!

This California native has been on the move since 2011 in search of beaches, music festivals and cold beer, but one thing is for sure, you will never find Dave without his camera. After his first trip to Europe, Dave knew he found his life’s passion. After a semester abroad in Rome, he became an international travel guide in Europe, lived in the Netherlands and Asia while acquiring his master’s degree online, and then spent a year Australia on a Working Holiday Visa. Dave is back to a Nomadic lifestyle and photographing music festivals wherever he goes. What makes this traveler interesting? He has lived in 6 countries by the age of 28 and loves learning new languages. If you ask him what travel has learned from traveling, he would say, “Money isn’t everything, and you should never give up on your dreams.” It’s his dream and passion for travel and music which makes Dave out Twipper of the Month for July.

Twipper of the Month – June 2017: Elizabeth Raflowitz from ER: Where to Next?

Since college Elizabeth has been on the path to discover and explore many cultures around the world. From her Semester at Sea where she visited nine countries to living two years in Tokyo, Japan, it’s clear she has been bit by the travel bug early on. Elizabeth doesn’t travel for the sake of going, she travels to learn all the anthropologic elements of the countries she visits. “Every country has a unique history, and the point of traveling is to expand your outlook on people and the world,” she says. It’s her curiosity to immerse herself in cultures that makes her our Twipper of the Month for June.

Elizabeth is one of the few Twippers who has traveled to all seven continents. Many people get intimidated at the thought of traveling to Antarctica, but not her. “It was such an achievement to be able to visit my 7th continent,” she says. Where is she headed to next? Oslo, Norway with two friends from Semester at Sea. Possibly also heading to Bergen on the West Coast to see the fjords. With this Twipper, any kind of adventure is possible.

Twipper of the Month – May 2017: Linda Dumpe from Have A Good Journey!

Some people like to visit a foreign country to get a taste of different cultures, but for Linda that’s simply not enough. As a seasoned traveler and blogger of Have A Good Journey, she doesn’t just visit a new destination, she lives there. From tasting wines in Napa Valley to solving an ant problem in India,  Linda knows how to makes the best out of every situation and this is why we have named her our Twipper of the Month for May. “My experiences have widened my horizons, made me a more open-minded person and not judgmental, and more self-confident. I’m very grateful I can live my life traveling,” says Linda. Even with no new destinations set, we can’t wait to see where she ends up next.

Twippers of the Month – March 2017: Rosemary and Claire from Authentic Food Quest!

Some people travel to relax on a beach while others are looking for an adrenaline rush, but for Rosemary and Claire it’s all about connecting with locals through food. These partners in life and business started their travel journey in 2015 with the goal to inspire other travelers to travel deeper through authentic food. Claire a native to France and Rosemary a native of Kenya, both decided to move to the United States to pursue their careers in engineering and advertising. After several years in the business world, Claire and Rosemary decided to pack their bags, and live a more purposeful and “authentic” life. After spending 2015 in South America and 2016 in Southeast Asia, their travels have brought them to wander Europe and reconnect with family and friends. Authentic Food Quest Argentina is their first guide book with descriptions of the traditional foods, and overview of the farmers markets, local stores, restaurants, wineries and local producers worth visiting. With all the traveling and knowledge this pair has acquired so far, it’s no wonder TWIP has named these ladies our Twippers of the Month! As Claire and Rosemary would say, “Life is too short, not to be enjoyed fully!”

Twipper of the Month – February 2017: Hasse (Chris) Wiersma from Chris Travel Blog!

Travel isn’t always about what you see while sitting on a beach all day. For Chris it’s about the knowledge gained by immersing yourself in a culture. ‘I always try to get into contact with locals to learn about their culture, food, views on the world and more. With this, I can form my own view on the world by taking the best of each different culture,’ says Chris. Its because of his thirst for knowledge through travel, that TWIP has named him the Twipper of the Month for February.

At only 36 years old, Chris has been to 60 countries and counting. It’s not just his stories that have his followers on the edge of their seats with wanderlust. Chris captures the beauty of every destination he visits in his photography. Where to next? Berlin, Israel, Singapore, Manilla, Guam and Saipan to name a few. If you ask Chris what’s the top destination on his bucket list, he’ll answer without hesitation Antarctica! His goal is to visit every continent, country and UNESCO site in the world and hopefully one day, the moon! We can’t wait to see where Chris’ wanderlust takes him. TWIP on Chris!

Twippers of the Month – January 2017: Rob and Chris from 2 Travel Dads.

It’s hard enough planning a trip for two people, but add two children under the age of 10 and that’s a challenge. For Rob and Chris, they tackle this challenge with ease. Living just outside of Seattle, Washington, Rob and Chris plan about 4 big trips per year, but going to Yellowstone National Park is one of the family favorites. Bringing their sons on these adventures gives them a broader view of the world by teaching them the value of culture, education and experiencing the outdoors. TWIP couldn’t agree more! This couple is bringing inspiration to the parents in the LBGT community with their bravery by traveling the world with their children. “It’s how life has to be and we’re working to normalize families like ours out in the world,” said Rob. Having been featured by GaysWithKids, Gay Star News, Yonderbound and being listed as one of the “World’s Top Male Travel Bloggers” by the Huffington Post, it’s no wonder we named Rob and Chris our Twippers of the Month for January 2017! This family has so much of the world to see and we can’t wait to read all about the new adventures they encounter this year.

Twipper of the Month – December 2016: Travel Photographer, Stephen Casey.

Life through a lens changes how you view it. For Stephen Casey, it brings the world to life. As a travel photographer and an animator for feature films, having such a rich and colorful lifestyle drives him to live life to the fullest. During his travels, he likes to do anything to get his blood pumping. Transcribing action from the page of a film to real life isn’t easy, but Stephen does it with a camera in hand and a smile on his face that can’t be wiped away. With the belief that experiences you have while traveling outweigh the things you’ll see, Stephen explains,“I’d rather come home from traveling exhausted knowing I didn’t hold back or miss anything.” This kind of energy is infectious, and coupled with his breathtaking photography, it’s no wonder his love of travel persists and encourages others to do the same. Stephens our Twipper of the Month for December 2016. With his sights set on traveling to Fiji and New Zealand next, there is no telling what adventures he will capture with his camera.

Twipper of the Month – November 2016: Jeremy Foster from the Travel Freak.


“Opportunities don’t just present themselves—they have to be created.” Wise words by Jeremy from Travel Freak, and our Twipper of the Month for November. Jeremy travels around the world, writing, taking photos and spends his nights working as a mixologist. With all of his crazy adventures and articles on what to do or how to get where you want to be, his blog is a great start for those who thirst for more. He inspires others to pack an adventure into every moment and helps travelers realize they don’t need to live life in fear of the unknown.

A culture vulture and self-proclaimed eater of dumplings, Jeremy has visited 30 countries, but as he states, “It isn’t the places you’ve been, it’s the experiences you’ve gained from those places.” A true adrenaline junkie, his articles are packed with explosive adventures and breathtaking journeys; backpacking across Australia, climbing up cliff faces in Thailand sans safety gear, whitewater rafting and even bungee jumping…completely nude! Jeremy shows all of us how to live on the edge and make every moment worth remembering.

Twippers of the Month – October 2016: Nick and Dariece from Goats on the Road.


“We are here to inspire you to create a happier life for yourself.” Nick and Dariece are the Goats, a Canadian travel team dedicated to teaching all how to finance their trips around the world, and how travel blogging is a reliable source of income. One of their goals is to inspire others to travel the way they have. The Goats embody the idea that material possessions weigh us down. They financed their first trip by selling their house and using the money they had saved up over the years. Once they started traveling, they knew it was going to be how they would spend the rest of their lives. They worked for a year in Canada and soon after they taught English in China. With these jobs and free accommodations from being paid to house sit, they are proud of their success as travel bloggers.

Since their first journey in 2008, they have been to 46 countries in 5 continents and have also seen five out of seven wonders of the world. Their goal is to say they’ve seen the world. With a working knowledge of finance, determination, and a solid support system, these two are on their way to achieve just that, and it’s why we are naming them our Twippers of the Month for October 2016.

Oh, and why are they called the Goats? “Because no matter where we travel in the world, there seems to be goats roaming the roads!

Twipper of the Month – September 2016: James Kelley from Escape Abroad.


Like many people, James believed traveling for longer than a week was too expensive, too dangerous and too difficult. James has worked the majority of his life behind a desk going after the “American dream” as he fantasized about the places beyond his backyard. He decided to go on a 10 day trip to Belize and that’s when everything changed. If you ask him today about what he thinks of traveling he would say, “Travel is to live. Traveling brings out so many emotions and unexpected experiences that you rarely, if ever, have in your normal, everyday life.”

As our Twipper of the Month for September, James now spends his days as a digital nomad and works wherever there is a Wi-Fi connection. Since he started his journey he has gotten over his fear of heights, loves field herping (searching for wild snakes and frogs) and scuba diving (he got to swim with the largest fish in the world), and hikes through rain forests and to the tops of volcanoes. He has shown his followers that sometimes taking a leap of faith can teach you amazing things about yourself and the world.

Twipper of the Month – August 2016: Ben from Benjamin J Travel!

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 3.29.18 PM

If you  struggle with finding the best travel deals, the most comfortable accommodations, or how to break down cultural and language barriers during your travels, our Twipper of the Month for August, has all your solutions. Based in Dallas, Texas, Ben travels around the world constantly with having a full time job, travel blog, family and three pets. Not only does he enjoy traveling himself, he’s also passionate about sharing his journeys with his readers and followers. He reviews the places he has set foot on, the airport lounges he has been to, and the hotels he has stayed in to offer holistic, first-handed experience to those who are still in the process of planning their next trip. Ben’s reviews inspires people to travel, helps them battle with the difficulties during travel and most importantly, encourages people to see the beautiful world free of concerns. As Ben would say, “It’s never too late to start traveling.”

Twippers of the Month – July 2016: Stefan and Sebastien from Nomadic Boys.

27 Spa lovers ritual at The Four Seasons, Langkawi island in Malaysia, July 2015

May it be trekking in the Himalayas or swimming like mermaids in Boracay, the world is only so beautiful when you share it with your significant other. Ever since Stefan and Sebastien fell for each other in London a few years ago, an adventure has been waiting for them. Later, they became the Nomadic Boys and started exploring the wonders of the world together in 2014. Their stories drew immediate attention as they constantly attempt to unveil the countless fantasies on earth together as a loving gay couple, proudly showing off their deepest affections towards the places they go, views they enjoy and the people they acquaint.

Today, they are named our Twippers of the Month for July 2016. Not only did they blog their way through their travel destinations, but also paid relentless effort into supporting LGBT minority groups everywhere they went. Regardless of what the anti-gay regions of the world might have against them, they are still willing to go around and tell the world their stories, their discoveries and their latest adventures. It is only a matter of time how their journeys will impact the world.

Twippers of the Month – June 2016: Sam and Toccara from Forget Someday.


Sam and Toccara have been good friends since preschool, where life eventually brought them together in their 20s. They then began to travel the world together, explore the wonders of nature, the unknowns of the wilderness and the sublimity of different landscapes. You rarely see the couple among the hustle and bustle of urban cities but rather escaping the crowds on top of mountains, in the woods, and taking journeys through the charming small towns and their countryside. Today, they are named our Twippers of the Month for June. They have shown us the beauty of the world through their adventures and written stories. They taught us what it means to travel and to share the best views in the world with your loved ones.

Twipper of the Month – May 2016: Ashley from Hither and Thither.

AshleyMuirBruhn-Hither and Thither-2-2

If you were to ask who Ashley Muir Bruhn is, then most would know her as the author and creator for the leading travel and lifestyle site, Hither and Thither. We often see her thoughtfully sharing her travel tips and experiences, her delineated insights into food and wine, or at times, her deepest affection towards her family and friends. Before becoming a freelance writer and publisher, she was also an academic and book editor. As she sees more, stands higher and walks further, she positions herself to be where she is today, not only a successful and motivated blogger, but also a caring wife and mother. She becomes what she calls, “more interested” in people, places, cultures and more importantly, her wonderful life journey filled with undiminished happiness.

Having grown up in California, lived in New York City and traveled many parts of the world, Ashley constantly discovers the beautiful world with an open heart and seeks for different lifestyles full of surprises. As she steps foot on the places she visits, greets the people she acquaints, and embraces her every journey on the road, she eventually comes to realize who she really is and learns to appreciate the essentials in her life. She develops her own style, a style so unique and incredible, that it’s free of distractions yet full of meanings. She amuses her readers, not to persuade them to pursue her lifestyle, but to inspire and encourage them to explore and experience their own lives of hopes and enjoyments. Follow our Twipper of the Month Ashley, to build a lifestyle of your own.

Twipper of the Month – April 2016: Annette White from Bucket List Journey.


As we often hear, “never let your fear decide your fate.” May it be a steep mountain to climb or an unfathomable ocean to dive, we ought to be unafraid of nature and the world. We must  exceed our potentials, breakthrough the hardships in life as our Twipper of the Month, Annette White unveils through her stories. An award-winning blogger and travel writer, Annette is also an dauntless individual like no other. She never quails at those once-in-a-life adventures, as she says, “90% of the time it is fear speaking.” She constantly seeks to conquer the nature and refuses to bow to the challenges that lie ahead. From ziplining through a Costa Rican rain forest to rappelling down a hundred foot waterfall, she continually checks off her bucket list with over 800 items, spanning over 5 continents and 36 countries.

A foodie and wine enthusiast, Annette is also the owner and chef of a Michelin recommended Italian restaurant in Northern California. She has also been featured and awarded by numerous major publishers noting her breath-taking travel photos, stories and of course, her fearlessness and optimism. Follow her stories to be inspired, to see some of the most amazing things on earth, and to experience the most authentic cultures and traditions.

Twipper  of the Month – March 2016: Cheryl Howard from Cherylhoward.com.


It’s never too late to start an adventure. Forget what you did, what you had, and take on a different life journey to somewhere you have yet to explore. A trip filled with passion, excitement and sincerity is worth a lesson. It will show you the spectacles of the world, link your soul to Mother Nature, and more importantly, warm your heart with the beauties of humanity. As Cheryl Howard, our Twipper of the Month, would say, “Travel has changed me for the better as I’ve become more open-minded and appreciative of what I have. It motivated me to make a concerted effort to help others.”

An aspiring travel blogger, Cheryl Howard moved to Berlin a few years ago. Although a complete stranger to the city, she had some of her most amazing experiences in Europe. From the “darkest caves underneath Budapest” to the “Italian Alps,” she fully explored a fascinating life existed nowhere else. Although, apart from the grandiose landscapes and the fervent locals, she also sees some different sides of the world that still need support and attention. Now, working on a project to document the stories of the refugees in Berlin, she truly elevates the spirit embedded in traveling and tells us the responsibilities that come with being both an excellent traveler and an exceptional individual. Cheryl’s wonderful journeys not only built up a colorful life experience of her own, but also those who she has helped along the way. Let her be your next travel inspiration.

Twipper of the Month – February 2016: Trey Ratcliff from Stuck in Customs.


When we see amazing places, ones that bring us to our knees, we seem to enter a trance of ecstasy and awe. We wonder how we got to be so lucky to be in this transformative place and humbled by the experience. This dream-like haze is what we all search for when we travel, and travel photographer Trey Ratcliff captures this indescribable feeling in every photo he takes. As the #1 travel photography blogger on the internet, a Ted Talks speaker and having been featured on every major TV network, Trey easily lands our Twipper of the Month for February.

Deep in the Guangxi Province of China-X2

“I’m a warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys,” says Ratcliff. Eager to share his experiences and lifetime of knowledge, Trey shares his traditional photography techniques proving his style is art in its highest form as he captures images seemingly only discoverable in dreams. Trey even inspires some of the most innovative thinkers,  receiving high praise from world-renowned creative geniuses like J.J. Abrams and Hans Zimmer. With fans like these, Trey needs to become your next go-to travel blogger.

Twipper of the Month – January 2016: Jonathan from Life Part 2. 


This world is filled with people who complain about wishing they traveled when they were young. Many of those people assume the window for unapologetic, all-consuming travel has long been shut. But if those with forgotten travel dreams look to Jonathan from Life Part 2, they would realize that they too, can seize an adventure out of the ordinary.

Twipper of the Month, Jonathan Look began his travel blog in 2011 after working twenty five years as a air traffic controller. Never satisfied with dismal vacation days, Jonn took the opportunity for early retirement and has been living long-year stints in places like Mexico, Cambodia and Thailand. Unique to his blogging style is his ability to implement all kinds of travel in order to illustrate that every travel experience is unique to the next, and none better than the other. John doesn’t seek out one kind of adventure, but is open to any.

John also offers his readers an exemplary portfolio of dramatic photographs of local villagers, massive temples and breathtaking terrain. See images of Buddhist Lent in Laos, street markets in Hong Kong  and Temples of Bagan in Myanmar.Even if you’re not interested in traveling to Asia, John’s images may surely change your mind.

Perhaps the most valuable lesson we can learn from John is the ability to be open to change at every stage in your life, for all the best memories come from stepping out of the ordinary.

Twipper of the Month – December 2015: Ron from Frog Traveler.


Over 49 countries visited, eight languages spoken and a traveling frog always with him, it is no wonder Ron from Frog Traveler is our Twipper of the Month. This traveling instagrammer transformed his life by quitting his company and selling his worldly possessions for a life lived out of a backpack. Ron reminds us that true adventure comes from curiosity and appreciation for things only travel can buy. This traveler carries just enough to fit in his backpack which includes his stuffed frog Gusi; as Ron learned from a trip to Brazil, you don’t need much to be happy. Although not a professional photographer, Ron shares some amazing photos from around the world, displaying his Maverick spirit and willingness to go anywhere. If you’re looking for some insta-inspo, look no further than Frog Traveler.

Twipper of the Month – November 2015: Eva from Travelle.


If you’re a young female professional looking for a little inspiration, look no further than Travelle founder, Eva Baczynska. As a businesswoman, globetrotter, entrepreneur and fashionista, Eva has learned to take the world by style, which is why she is our Twipper of the Month.

Eva began her nomadic lifestyle at a young age. Born in Poland with several month-long stints in Germany, France and England, Eva has always been influenced by the travel bug. After landing a career in international marketing and business development, Eva faced many challenges brought on by her working life. She constantly searched for a centralized source to help her incorporate beauty and wellness regimens into her demanding travel schedule.

In 2015, Eva decided to take matters into her own hands and launched Travelle, an online travel source combining beauty and wellness, style and travel intel.  Through extensive research and consultation of travel experts, Eva provides comprehensive guides useful to business travel and summer vacations alike. Travelle is a source of inspiration for the ambitious woman seeking a balance of business and pleasure in the name of style.

What is most inspiring about Eva is her incorporation of effortless travel into a career, not in the industry itself. Unlike most travel bloggers, Eva found a way to make travel become apart of her working life even though her career isn’t in the travel industry itself. While splitting time between seven different cities and documenting her discoveries on the way, Eva has mastered the art of traveling with ambition and style.

Twipper of the Month – October 2015: Josh and Liz from Peanuts or Pretzels.

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As children, we may remember having a few things: an intense curiosity, a thirst for discovery and a best friend who was always by our side through our adventures. Josh and Liz don’t have to remember these things; they still have them now.

Despite their extraordinary decision to become a travel blogging couple, there is something even more special about their unorthodox lifestyle.  Their unrelenting curiosity and fervor to explore is perfectly matched in one another; they truly are best friends who explore the world together, which is why they have been named our Twippers of the Month.

As former solo-travelers, Liz and Josh happened upon one another while in Atlanta and have been traveling partners ever since. The couple currently resides in  Guangzhou, China where they teach English to children amongst many other things, like helping each other acclimate to the unique Guangzhou’s unique customs.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about this duo is their love of geocaching, a real world outdoor treasure hunting game, taking Josh and Liz off the beaten path. By using GPS to find these treasure spots, Josh and Liz have learned how to support one another, always making sure to laugh along the way.

Twipper of the Month – September 2015: Drew Goldberg from The Hungry Partier .

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While many individuals map out their career path following college graduation, Drew Goldberg mapped out a different kind of path, the one less taken.  After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Drew decided to forgo a life spent inside a cubicle and opted to teach English in South Korea for 18 months, documenting every minute of his Asian adventure. Since then, Goldberg has acquired over 100k followers on social media and over 60k monthly views on his blog, The Hungry Partier,  and for good reason. Drew exudes a thirst for action and exploration, motivating his readers to make adventure happen for themselves. Drew offers over 18 global nightlife guides , a behind-the-scenes-look through Snapchat, and a collection of crazy stories from his eccentric travels. One of his travel traditions is to do a handstand in every country he visits, capturing each attempt on his Instagram.  Drew also makes a habit of trying every McDonald’s  he can  find,  intrigued to discover how the dining experience differs from country to country.  After traveling to over 70 countries and growing followers on social media,  Drew has been able to collaborate with companies like  U.S. News Travel ChannelExpedia and the Huffington Post .  His candid blogging style offers an honest connection with his readers.  Drew’s youthful and daring spirit inspires us to go out and see the bizarre and experience the unexpected.

Twipper of the Month – August 2015: Dave from Dave’s Travel Corner.


For over 18 years, travel blogger Dave Thompson from Dave’s Travel Corner has explored a plethora of adventures in some of the most unexpected places. After traveling to more than 100 countries, Dave has experienced trips some only dream of. Dave is a true salt-of-the-earth traveler, trekking through exotic places like Andorra, rural Thailand and Karakol, Kyrgyzstan,  which is why he is our Twipper of the Month.

His minimalist, explorative style truly inspires the adventure in his readers. Dave’s appreciation of nature reminds us the true essence of travel – to be awed. The freedom of travel and the possibilities that come from forging detailed itineraries is what Dave admires most about his adventures.   Surprisingly, his love of travel only grew after a severe illness he was stricken with after a trip through to the mountains in Nepal. Enduring hardship in a non-western culture opened his eyes to a new way of thinking and fueled his interest to continue his world exploration.

In 2006, Dave expanded his blogging platform and created The Napa Wine Project.  Having traveled to more than 800 wineries, Dave has become an expert in unique commercial labels. As an advocate of investing in what you love, Dave wanted to incorporate his passion for wine with his professional life and The Napa Wine Project does just that.

It is travelers like Dave that show us our passion can become our profession and our bucket list can become our photo album.

Twipper of the Month – July 2015: Kristin Luna from Camels & Chocolate.

TOM Developing a family and a career while traveling might sound overwhelming to some, but to Kristin it’s an amazing adventure. Having explored over 100 countries, it’s safe to say that Kristin is an experienced traveler. According to Kristin, focusing on the experience is the true gift of travel. When you immerse yourself in her blog, you feel as if you are talking to a lifelong friend, listening to her recount experiences and inspire wanderlust. Even though she is a seasoned traveler (check out her

Developing a family and a career while traveling might sound overwhelming to some, but to Kristin it’s an amazing adventure. Having explored over 100 countries, it’s safe to say that Kristin is an experienced traveler. According to Kristin, focusing on the experience is the true gift of travel. When you immerse yourself in her blog, you feel as if you are talking to a lifelong friend, listening to her recount experiences and inspire wanderlust. Even though she is a seasoned traveler (check out her portfolio), she’s also humble and truly passionate about traveling. Kristin’s experience in media ranges from travel to entertainment magazines (cool tidbit – she has met and interviewed a plethora of celebrities!). Her insatiable appetite for adventure is what makes her July’s Twipper of the Month.

Twipper of the Month – June 2015: Rachael Wilson from The Travel Thread.


Every few years wanderlust peaks for Rachael, and she moves somewhere foreign. As she noted in her Twipper of the Week feature, “I sell everything I own, pack a few suitcases, close my eyes, and pick a place on the map.”  She doesn’t necessarily have a job set up, or know where she will be living, but she figures it out.

Spontaneity is what makes her our Twipper of the Month (and of course her candid, feel-as-if-you’re-there blog posts). Rachael is able to capture the essence of a place in her writing; she can transport readers and make them feel as if they are traveling with her.  She explores; hanging out with rescued elephants, or volunteering in India. Her passion for helping others in developing countries is admirable, and although at times she discusses real issues (see letter from India), her blog is humorous and positive.  On the contrary, she makes the most of the situations she is in, and posts about fashion, lifestyle and DIY projects.  With Rachael, you will become inspired to not only travel, but to experience this world in a whole new way!

Twipper of the Month – May 2015: Adam Groffman from Travels of Adam.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 8.24.56 AM Adam’s desire to find the quirky, offbeat and amazing hidden treasures during his travels is what makes him our

Adam’s desire to find the quirky, offbeat and amazing hidden treasures during his travels is what makes him our Twipper of the Month! His unique perspective has allowed him to experience different countries and cities as if he were a local. He makes his experiences accessible with his “Hipster City Guides,” which are a great resource for travelers looking for interesting things to see and do in some of the world’s most gay-friendly cities. Adam’s strong social media presence on Twitter and Instagram is a clear indication of the impact he has on his followers. He loves using Twitter so he can interact with nearby followers.

In 2009, the travel bug bit Adam when he visited Reykjavik, Iceland. This journey opened his eyes to the possibilities of travel and new experiences it can offer. Since then, he decided to quit his 9-to-5 job and traveled around the world visiting countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia, as well as India on a 15-month long adventure. Currently, Adam is pursuing his dream of living in Berlin, Germany. His knowledge and love for Berlin run so deep, he believes it is the best city in the world! Adam is one of the most interesting Twippers TWIP has had to date by providing a new perspective for travelers. Follow Adam to learn about his upcoming experience in Manchester, UK this June.

Twipper of the Month – April 2015: Robert Reid from Reid on Travel and Natural Geographic Traveler’s Digital Nomad.

unnamed (1) Robert is a travel writer,

Robert is a travel writer, videographer and speaker who prefers to travel a little differently. He doesn’t travel for the sake of seeing places, but to see what happens when you reach that location. He taps into his childhood dreams and lets the trips make them real. For 15 years, Robert has been a spokesperson for Lonely Planet as well as numerous television shows, to talk about new and interesting travel trends. Currently, he is the Digital Nomad for Natural Geographic Traveler where he investigates how people experience the world and encourages them to travel like travel writers.

Robert’s YouTube Channel, “76-Second Travel Show,” is a fresh and fun take on how to explore the world and experience new destinations (although the videos are not always 76 seconds long like Billy Joel’s Long Island Tour). From meeting a geologist in Wyoming who made him a tuna sandwich, to getting clarinet lessons in St. Lucia, Robert shows his followers what the world and media often overlook: traveling is fun!

Twipper of the Month – March 2015: Chris Christensen from Amateur Traveler.


Chris exudes the true essence of what it means to be a Twipper. He has taken the meaning to a whole new level with his podcasts, videos, blogs and photos. As the host of Amateur Traveler, Chris not only educates himself through travel, but others as well. In fact, his podcasts are used to teach English by the Thailand Foreign Ministry and Oxford University and to test English comprehension in the German and Canadian schools systems.  With over 450 podcasts and 45 countries under his belt, there is no sign of him stopping anytime soon! Chris also runs Blogger Bridge, which is a tool that helps companies find the best content creators to work with. From his road trips through the United States and Canada, to his most recent expedition to Thailand, Chris truly embodies all the characteristics of what being a Twipper is all about!

Twipper of the Month – February 2015: Tammy from Tammy & Chris on the Move.

unnamed Since 2011 Tammy has been traveling the world with Chis by her side. During her travels, Tammy looks for adventure around every corner like abseiling down a 50m high building to trekking in the Himalayas. Tammy also likes to immerse herself in new cultures and visiting unusual and off the beaten path destinations.

Since 2011 Tammy has been traveling the world with Chis by her side. During her travels, Tammy looks for adventure around every corner like abseiling down a 50m high building to trekking in the Himalayas. Tammy also likes to immerse herself in new cultures and visiting unusual and off the beaten path destinations. The Ups And Downs Of Work Field Trips To Rural Cambodia, highlights the struggles of the people in rural Cambodia and  how these people are fighting their way out of poverty. Tammy has demonstrated self-education through her humanitarian efforts that are captured through her stories and photographs. She  is an inspiration to her followers with her goodwill efforts, and love for travel and adventure. TWIP is excited and honored to name Tammy as February’s Twipper of the Month!

Twipper of the Month for January 2015: Mareen from Miss Everywhere.

Mareen celebrates what makes her interesting and demonstrates her self-education through travel via photographs, videos, blog, stories and articles. With an amazing group of loyal followers, Mareen has immersed her audience into different cultures by stimulating their senses. Her love and desire for travel is contagious. View the video below and see for yourself why we named Mareen our Twipper of the Month for January!

Mareen celebrates what makes her interesting and demonstrates her self-education through travel via photographs, videos, blog, stories and articles. With an amazing group of loyal followers, Mareen has immersed her audience into different cultures by stimulating their senses. Her love and desire for travel is contagious. View the video below and see for yourself why we named Mareen our Twipper of the Month for January!

Cape town is a beautiful landscape spot for all nature lovers and adventure admirers. During my first visit to this wonderful spot on earth I was impressed with all the opportunities this city has to offer. Whether you are enjoying the golden beaches of Camps Bay, escaping to a romantic wine tasting in the vineyards of Stellenbosch, doing a safari tour or hiking up Lion’s Head and the famous Table Mountain, Cape Town will definitely impress.

Where to stay: 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa. As a member of Leading Hotels of the World this little luxurious gem located on the coast offers premium deluxe service. Amenities include: a cinema and a lovely outdoor picnic area. My favourite spot was their award winning spa with outdoor condos for an extra close feel to nature during your treatment.


What to see: Chapman’s peak drive between Noordhoek and Hout Bay gives the most breathtaking views of the coast. Boulders beach in Simon’s Town, just a 20 minute drive from Cape Town, is not only a wonderful beach but also home to more than 2000 penguins. The popular saturday food market at Old Biscuit Mill in the heart of Woodstock to try delicious local food and get together withpeople from all over the world.


For the extra thrill: White shark dive in Gaansbai. Bungee jump off Bloukrans bridge which is the worlds highest bungee bridge.