Twipper of the Month is an award—similar to a Nobel Prize—given to one of our four travelers previously featured as our Twipper of the Week.

The ideal Twipper celebrates what makes them interesting. They demonstrate self-education through their travel-soaked montage of photos, videos, blogs, stories and articles — (super cool hats made of rainforest stuff are acceptable as well)! We want to see our Maverick’s GoPro video of their latest Heli skiing trip in British Columbia. We want our taste buds to tingle after reading the most recent Epicurean’s blog post on visiting the finest vineyards of France. How about seeing our Soulager’s secret meditation beach in the Caribbean on Instagram?

Help us, let the world know the importance of calling yourself a Citizen of the Globe… Pickin’ up what we’re puttin’ down?

This individual will receive a TWIP seal to put on their personal blog, a re-feature as our Twipper of the Month and will be placed in the running forTwipper of the Year Award! The winner will also be on our Exclusive List of invitees to use our Beta site when we launch in the Summer of 2015!

Twipper of the Year is chosen from the twelve monthly winners. These travelers will be carefully reviewed by the TWIP Team and the responses from TWIP followers in our social media universe. Along with receiving a seal to put on their blog and a re-feature on our site, they will also win an illustrious grand prize, details to be released at a later date—ohhhhhh the mystery.

Do you feel like you have what it takes to be a Twipper? Apply here and our Twipper experts will get back to you! For now, keep looking towards the horizon, planning your next escape and make sure you tell us all about it!