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Twippers of the Week: Santa and Daniel from

Current city:  Dobele – a small little village located in Latvia – it´s Santas hometown and we visit her family after our trip through Asia. Santa lived here during her childhood and never thought about going around the world. Latvia seems so big when you are a child. But later she moved to Germany to work and then she met Daniel. We both came from a communist system and our parents were not able to travel a lot. We both discovered our passion to travel and so it all begun.
Age: Santa was born 1987 and Daniel 1978.
Total countries visited: 18 in total – 13 during the last year.
What makes you interesting: We quit our jobs to travel Asia for one year – Santa after a difficult heart surgery and Daniel after 20 years in the same office. Daniel came home and proposed the crazy idea of a trip around the world to Santa – after a bit of thinking she said: LET´S DO THIS! That´s how we came up with our name.
What brands do you love: We don´t have a favorite one but for cameras, we like Sony and GoPro and for software, we love Adobe – although we never had a drone we like the work of DJI and are always impressed of their achievements. Most of the time we buy what we love and what works but don’t care too much about the name on it. We are more focused on function and usability than on names.
What is the best part about having a travel partner? First of all, you are never alone and can share all the memories and adventures during and after travel. Your friends at home can´t relate to what you did our where you have been and what you´ve seen. Your travel partner knows exactly what you´re talking about and can add little details to your story. Also, you share costs and don´t have to sleep in a dorm. You keep pushing each other to break new boundaries but also have someone to take care of you.
What does “Travel” mean to you? Freedom – not knowing what happens tomorrow and still be able to figure a way to make it the best day ever. The best travel experience happens when you travel without a plan. Locals are the best resource and push you in the right direction – learn to trust them and find new undiscovered places.
What do you enjoy doing the most during your travels? Explore new places and see things that you only know from history or television – to meet people from different cultures and religions – talk to new friends about their travel goals and destinations – we found many places that we visited due to these conversations. We also enjoyed to just listen to the stories of local peoples life.
What are your travel pet peeves: When people see you as a walking ATM just because you´re white. Also finding good places to sleep was not always easy. If you have a lower budget it will get even harder. Pillows are hard, rooms smell or are dirty, moskitonets are missing or broken and sometimes planes flying trough your room. As a vegetarian, it is also a problem to accept that some countries see chicken as a vegetable.
Do you have any recommendations to help battle jet lag? Our most important tip is to travel slowly. Don´t travel long distances – travel in shorter ranges like 6 to 10 hours. We never did a jetlag flight – and we never will. Most of the time we traveled from one country to the next and stayed a month until we get to the next one. Otherwise just sleep, sleep, sleep.
Who is the most interesting person you have met while traveling? In every country, we met intresting people with great stories but the most inspiring where Bethanne and Dough – a 75 years old couple that lives on a ship since 40 years and travel around the world with it. They raised two childs on the ship and had so many storys to tell – best thing: we traveled 7 days together with them on the ship trough the Andaman sea of Thailand. Our deepest respect to them.
Next travel destination: Germany – we traveled for one year without a break and want to come back for a while to work on our blog and write some stories down. During our travel, we had no time to do so because we wanted to enjoy our journey 100% without wasting too much of it on the computer.


Twippers of the Month: James and Susan from The Savvy Backpacker


Are you looking to travel by yourself for the first time and in need of advice? If your answer is a YES! then you better get to know our July Twippers of the Month, James and Susan (and maybe their dog Henry too). Inspired by their experiences as first time travelers, James and Susan guide readers to survive their first travel. These Savvy Backpackers are Twippers of the Month because of their willingness to share what they learn and help others which we here at TWIP think is what travel is about. Sharing your knowledge and inspiring others through experiences!


Twipper of the Month: Dev from FootlooseDev


“Traveling is brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends” (Cesare Pavese) but traveling will also help you discover new friends and  yourself. Our Twipper of the Month for June Dev from FootlooseDev, has learned a thing or two about self discovery during his journey to learning cultures. Before traveling, Dev was more of a follower rather than a leader but that has changed since he started traveling. Today, he is an accomplished blogger/photographer seeking to share his learnings and inspire others to travel.





Twipper of the Week: Dessislava Rumenova from Tales from Earth



Current City: Sydney, Australia

Age: 35
Total countries visited: 60
What makes you interesting: I would say the way I travel. I always say I’m more a traveller than a tourist. I try to avoid hostels/hotels as much as I can since I love staying with locals. It is an amazing way to really experience the culture and to understand the country. I have stayed with locals all over the world, from Rapa Nuis in Easter island to amazing Persian families in Iran. From Bedouins in the Sahara desert to a Yapese family in the small island of Yap, Micronesia. These and many other experiences have enriched me so much and have made me have a better understanding of the world we live in.
What brands do you love. Not sure on what subjects the question is referring to but, for example for photography, I’m totally a Nikon girl. I also love analogue photography and I have a few cameras that I adore, like the Diana F+ of Lomography, and the Fuji Instax Mini, of Fuji.
In terms of fashion clothes my favourites will be Forever21, H&M, ASOS and CottonOn. When it’s about traveling and sport, I’m a Qechua (Decathlon) and North Face fan.
 #1 thing you must do when travelling. taking pictures. I’m a photography lover and even though I’m still learning, it has become a passion. I love street photography the most. Capturing the streets, full of life, and the people doing living their lives, is amazing.
If your personality was a city or a country, which one would it be?  Australia. I love the Australian way of life. The country is beautiful and they are use to do so many outdoor activities: surf, bbqs, yoga on the beach, etc. I also really like how much they care of their environment and the nature.
What have you learned about yourself during your travels?  I learned to love myself the way I am and to have trust and confidence in myself. Usually girls are very insecure of their bodies and so I was. But I learned that everybody is unique and beautiful the way it is and if I don’t love and take care of myself, who is going to do it?
I also learned that I’m capable of doing anything that I desire. You just need to trust in yourself and work, and keep working and believing in yourself even when you are going to rough times.
 Describe the last time you have tried something new. Recently I tried the van life for 2 weeks. I lived and travelled in a self made van around the South of Australia for 2 weeks. It was such a great experience that in the next 2-3 years I’m planning to buy a bus, reconvert it and live there on a permanent basis.
What is your favourite passport stamp. the one I got on Easter island. Is not an official stamp since the island is part of the Chilean territory, but you could stamp your passport on the arrival to the island, so I did.
What is the most interesting food you have ever tried? I tried rat meat in Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Iwas impressed at how delicious it was and I recommend to everybody to try it.
Next Destination: Fiji Islands. Can’t wait!



Twippers of the Week: James and Susan from The Savvy Backpacker

Current city: New York City

nycAge: 34

Total countries visited: 17

What makes you interesting? I’m not very interesting that’s why I like to make the destinations I visit be the hero. That’s the interesting thing.

What brands do you love? Apple, Google, Osprey, Patagonia, Nike, New Balance.

What’s your favorite passport stamp? Every passport stamp is awesome. My favorite thing is my passport is my French work visa.

What motivates you to travel: Simply seeing the world, trying new food, and doing something out of the ordinary are motivating. But keeping up with our blog and motivating other people to travel also motivates me to travel.

Describe your most unique or funniest travel experience: We rented Vespa scooters and spend the day riding through the small roads through rural Tuscany. Still look back at that day and smile.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from traveling?Chill out. Don’t try to see everything. So many people try to cram in so much and end up burning out. And don’t fight with your travel partner. It’s easier said than done but remember that you’re a team.

If your personality was a city or country, which one would it be? That’s a tough one… maybe Amsterdam. It’s a such a laid-back city that doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously.

What is the most interesting food you have ever tried and where?My favorite meal was in Florence. It was a pumpkin ravioli that I still remember even though it was like two years ago. I’ve never had anything so good.

Next travel destination: We really want to visit Tokyo.

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