Twippers of the Week: Jenni and Mark from Just Chasing Rabbits


Current city: Tupelo, Mississippi.

Age:33 and 36

Total countries visited:14 (Jenni) and 16 (Mark)

What makes you interesting: Our travel blog is for the young-at-heart. We travel every chance we get and experience the world with curiosity. We’re always ready for the next adventure and find the iconic, amazing, and unusual sites at each destination we visit.

What brands do you love:Our most important travel accessories are our cameras, and we’re definitely Canon lovers! Trtl makes a fantastic travel pillow and Stream2Sea is a wonderful option for biodegradable/reef safe sunscreen.

#1 thing you must do when traveling: We must learn something new! Whether we are visiting a museum, trying a new food, or mingling with locals, we are always eager to learn about the places, people, and cultures of the places we visit.

Where and when were you the most culture shocked? During our first visit to Japan in 2011, we were thrown so far outside of our comfort zone.  I am so thankful for that trip because it really pushed me to listen and interact with others and try things that I normally wouldn’t. The people of Japan were so kind to us, which is great because we were totally at their mercy. We couldn’t read any of the signage, couldn’t speak the language, and honestly, we had no idea what we were eating half the time!

What item will you never leave home without? Our cameras! Capturing images of the places we visit and our experiences there is one thing we have to do. I think I could get by with just my phone’s camera… if I had to.

What have you learned about yourself during your travels? I (Jenni) have learned that I am not equipped to be a solo traveler. I’m sure the fear is because of my social anxiety, but traveling with Mark is one of the easiest things in the world. We complement each other so well with overlapping interests and always look out for one another. No matter the situation, I feel that we can get through it together. I’ve also learned that I am a huge scaredy cat, but if something is amazing enough, I can push through those fears. Mark has learned that he has a love for photography and that every trip only fuels his desire to visit even more places!

If you were given a free trip tomorrow, where would you go? We’d probably opt for a place that is more expensive just to save ourselves some money. A free trip could take us to Easter Island or Antarctica!

Is there anywhere you will not travel to and why? We are totally open to traveling anywhere in the world, but only if it’s currently safe to do so.

Next travel destination:Probably Canada! (We’re really good at last-minute plans!)