Twipper of the Week: Anne Maclver

Current city:  Barrington, Illinois, USA

Age:  48

Total countries visited:  23

What makes you interesting:  I’m a lawyer-screenwriter-mother-editor who loves languages, travels light, and took four international vacations in the first five months of 2017. I also like anchovies.

What brands do you love:  Revolve, Houzz, Duolingo, Songkick

What’s your favorite passport stamp and why:  Chile from April 2017. I went to watch my son play team handball for the USA Men’s Youth national team in the Pan-American Championships. Since team handball is barely even a thing in the U.S. and half his teammates are European dual citizens, it was the ultimate global experience!

If you get washed up on a deserted island with your luggage in hand, what’s the one thing you’re thanking God you packed: I was instinctively going to say toothpaste, but then I remembered deodorant. Clearly, they need a single product that dispenses toothpaste out of one end, deodorant out of the other. And also talks to you and keeps you company.

What motivates you to travel:  New cultures, new people, new languages, new adventures and new bakeries! Primarily I enjoy immersing myself in another culture and impersonating locals. Travel is the ultimate antidote to stagnation.

What have you learned about yourself during your travels:  I have learned that I am much more independent and spontaneous than my daily life would suggest. I have an irrepressible sense of adventure, and a whole other self I need to indulge that is totally separate from my home and family and Chicago life. I’m a hot mess if I don’t get both.

What item will you never leave home without and why:  My iPhone Kindle app. It helps me handle any delays, inconveniences, or disruptions and remain calm—even blissful!

What do you enjoy doing the most during your travels:  Pure, revelatory freedom. The freedom to wander, to not wear a watch, to stop to talk, to change direction, to meet people you wouldn’t, and to try things you shouldn’t. Mostly I enjoy walking cities because you miss too much taking public transportation.

Next travel destination:  Might have to be Norway. I am deep into Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole series and have started learning Norwegian on Duolingo for no reason whatsoever. If I visit Norway, I can pretend that was my plan all along.