Twipper of the Week: Pia Kabitzsch from Wander Loove!

Current city: I am currently living in beautiful Munich, Germany but I’m going to move to Lund, Sweden this August.

Age: 25

Total countries visited: Wow! I’ve been to 29 countries.

What makes you interesting: I’m a very positive, passionate and adventurous person. I believe that you can achieve almost everything when you just stop talking about it and start doing/working for it. Make it happen!

What brands do you love: I used to care about brands but this has changed. I think money is way better invested in traveling and good coffee than in expensive designer clothes. But I must admit that I am really loving my hiking boots and my back pack from Jack Wolfskin, and my Nikon camera.

What have you learned about yourself during your travels:  I’ve got to get to know myself quite well while traveling and discovered what I want in life which is traveling the world while inspiring and encouraging people to live out their dreams and believe in themselves.

What item will you never leave home without: My passport, my camera and my phone. Google Maps and I are in a committed relationship. If I must narrow it down to one item, I would probably choose my passport. You just never know when you will book a spontaneous trip leaving the very next day.

What do you enjoy doing the most during your travels: I love to explore new places by foot, get to know the locals, their food (the coffee culture) and traditions. I also really enjoy meeting travellers from all over the world and exchanging experiences with them. Of course, I love taking pictures and sharing “goosebumps moments” with my followers.

Who is the most interesting person you have met while traveling: That would probably be a about 65/70-year-old lady. We called her “turtle lady” since she looked a little bit like a turtle and, seemed to be very wise and experienced. I met her while staying in a hostel in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She was traveling the world for at least six months by herself and always stays with locals or in hostels.

If you were given a free trip tomorrow, where would you go: Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada for sure! The landscape must be beyond beautiful. I’m already getting goose bumps by just looking at pictures.

It’s 2050, list all the places you are most proud to have visited: This would probably be the Himalaya and Antarctica. I must say that I am proud of every single place I’ve traveled to since I’ve made it happen all by myself and that just feels so good!

Next travel destination: Iceland in less than a month. I’m beyond excited!