Twipper of the Month – June 2017: Elizabeth Raflowitz from ER: Where to Next?

Since college Elizabeth has been on the path to discover and explore many cultures around the world. From her Semester at Sea where she visited nine countries to living two years in Tokyo, Japan, it’s clear she has been bit by the travel bug early on. Elizabeth doesn’t travel for the sake of going, she travels to learn all the anthropologic elements of the countries she visits. “Every country has a unique history, and the point of traveling is to expand your outlook on people and the world,” she says. It’s her curiosity to immerse herself in cultures that makes her our Twipper of the Month for June.

Elizabeth is one of the few Twippers who has traveled to all seven continents. Many people get intimidated at the thought of traveling to Antarctica, but not her. “It was such an achievement to be able to visit my 7th continent,” she says. Where is she headed to next? Oslo, Norway with two friends from Semester at Sea. Possibly also heading to Bergen on the West Coast to see the fjords. With this Twipper, any kind of adventure is possible.