Twippers of the Month – March 2017: Rosemary and Claire from Authentic Food Quest!

Some people travel to relax on a beach while others are looking for an adrenaline rush, but for Rosemary and Claire it’s all about connecting with locals through food. These partners in life and business started their travel journey in 2015 with the goal to inspire other travelers to travel deeper through authentic food. Claire a native to France and Rosemary a native of Kenya, both decided to move to the United States to pursue their careers in engineering and advertising. After several years in the business world, Claire and Rosemary decided to pack their bags, and live a more purposeful and “authentic” life. After spending 2015 in South America and 2016 in Southeast Asia, their travels have brought them to wander Europe and reconnect with family and friends. Authentic Food Quest Argentina is their first guide book with descriptions of the traditional foods, and overview of the farmers markets, local stores, restaurants, wineries and local producers worth visiting. With all the traveling and knowledge this pair has acquired so far, it’s no wonder TWIP has named these ladies our Twippers of the Month! As Claire and Rosemary would say, “Life is too short, not to be enjoyed fully!”