Twipper of the Week: Wayne Seto from Tao West Adventures

Current city: Bangkok, Thailand

Age: 47

Total countries visited: 15

What makes you interesting: I don’t really think that I’m all that interesting. I do have a willingness to share my experiences in an honest way that reveal not only the good moments but also the bad, embarrassing and not so pretty moments of my life. In that sense some people do find me interesting.

What brands do you love: Nike! I’m a sucker for their commercials.

What motivates you to travel: Being stagnant in one place for so long tends to force me to the other end of the spectrum where I want to see what’s outside of my own world.

Describe the last time you tried something new: On my year abroad last year, I tried to learn computer coding on my own. While effectively failing at it, I did manage to create 6 WordPress Websites for my own and friends’ projects. While not being a real computer programmer, I have to at least give myself a pat on the back for trying.

If you wash up on a deserted island with your luggage in hand, what’s the one thing you’re thanking God you packed: Toilet paper. You don’t realize how valuable it is until you really need it.

What is the longest period of time that you have been away from home: Last year, I was traveling abroad for 13 months in Asia. I spent the majority of it in Thailand, but also included stretches in India, China and Malaysia. While not necessarily feeling home sick, I did go through periods of listlessness. While this may sound odd, I found it did take time to adjust to go from a structured life style of a punch clock job to complete days free of anything to do. The upside is that within a few weeks, I completely lost track of what day of the week it was

What item will you never leave home without: For practical reasons, my passport and my smartphone. Passport for obvious reasons and the smartphone acts like my Swiss Army knife for staying connected while on the road. On a sentimental note, I always pack this UV protective t-shirt that I bought for my first solo trip eight years ago. It’s like a comfortable old blanket you just don’t want to get rid of.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from traveling: I’m a very small cog in a much bigger wheel.

Next travel destination: Had plans for Myanmar and Vietnam last year but plans fell through. Would love to visit sooner than later.