Twippers of the Week: Rob and Chris from 2 Travel Dads.

Current city: Seattle, Washington

Age: 34 and 38

Total countries visited: 15

What makes you interesting: What makes us interesting is the same thing that we don’t want to just be known for – We’re gay dads who travel to all kinds of places where we’re clearly out of place but we want to show our kids the world so we go anyway.  Other two-dad or two-mom families send us messages all the time saying how brave we are for traveling with the kids, but it’s just how life has to be and we’re working to normalize families like ours out in the world.

What brands do you love:  When it comes to travel, our preferred hotels are Kimpton Hotels (w/o kids) and Marriott (w/ kids).  For flying, we prefer Alaska Airlines for our West Coast trips and love that they partner with Delta to get us everywhere else.  When it comes to destinations, America’s National Parks are where we find ourselves most frequently. They’re such amazing, beautiful and unique places full of adventures for kids.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from traveling:  If “be prepared” wasn’t so cliche we’d say that, but instead we’ll go with “Never give up on a place before you go there.”  There have been so many towns and destinations that we’ve heard weren’t amazing and then we’ve made the trek to be absolutely wowed.

Most magical place on earth:  The mountains of China – Never have mountains been so strange and amazing.

What is your most favorite travel memory:  Driving into Yellowstone National Park for the first time with our kids – We’d been to Yellowstone plenty of times over the years, growing up, as adults, and going back for the first time as parents. Watching the kids’ reactions was priceless.

What have you learned about yourself during your travels:  No matter how much of a pain long travel days can be, we’re always going to feel that they’re worth it.  The journey is really part of the experience and the trials you face to conquer a long day on the road only make us closer as a family.

If you were given a free trip tomorrow, where would you go:  Indonesia – From the beaches, waterfalls and temples to the orangutans of Borneo, there is so much that all four of us would love to see and experience.

Describe your most unique or funniest travel experience:  We were hiking in Glacier National Park and were faced with the decision to hike forward towards a big-horned ram, turn around and head towards two bull moose in the pond below us or stay in place while a mama grizzly and her two cubs came down the hill at us.  We picked the two bull moose.

Next travel destination:  A snowy escape to the Cascade Mountains of Washington State for some skiing, playing in the snow and great food!