Twipper of the Month – December 2016: Travel Photographer, Stephen Casey.

Life through a lens changes how you view it. For Stephen Casey, it brings the world to life. As a travel photographer and an animator for feature films, having such a rich and colorful lifestyle drives him to live life to the fullest. During his travels, he likes to do anything to get his blood pumping. Transcribing action from the page of a film to real life isn’t easy, but Stephen does it with a camera in hand and a smile on his face that can’t be wiped away. With the belief that experiences you have while traveling outweigh the things you’ll see, Stephen explains,I’d rather come home from traveling exhausted knowing I didn’t hold back or miss anything.” This kind of energy is infectious, and coupled with his breathtaking photography, it’s no wonder his love of travel persists and encourages others to do the same. Stephens our Twipper of the Month for December 2016. With his sights set on traveling to Fiji and New Zealand next, there is no telling what adventures he will capture with his camera.