Twipper of the Month – November 2016: Jeremy Foster from the Travel Freak


“Opportunities don’t just present themselves—they have to be created.” Wise words by Jeremy from Travel Freak, and our Twipper of the Month for November. Jeremy travels around the world, writing, taking photos and spends his nights working as a mixologist. With all of his crazy adventures and articles on what to do or how to get where you want to be, his blog is a great start for those who thirst for more. He inspires others to pack an adventure into every moment and helps travelers realize they don’t need to live life in fear of the unknown.

A culture vulture and self-proclaimed eater of dumplings, Jeremy has visited 30 countries, but as he states, “It isn’t the places you’ve been, it’s the experiences you’ve gained from those places.” A true adrenaline junkie, his articles are packed with explosive adventures and breathtaking journeys; backpacking across Australia, climbing up cliff faces in Thailand sans safety gear, whitewater rafting and even bungee jumping…completely nude! Jeremy shows all of us how to live on the edge and make every moment worth remembering.