We all know how hard drinking eight glasses of water per day can be, especially when you’re traveling. Often times you can be left feeling dehydrated and with major jetlag. Camille Varlet, Founder and CEO of All Beauty Water, set out to create water that not only tastes great, but to encourage people to hydrate while giving your skin essential vitamins and nutrients. With their delicious and unique flavors such as Strawberry Acai and Cucumber Aloe, All Beauty Water won the Gentleman Jack Pitch Distilled Competition in May 2016 and pitched to CNBC’s The Power Pitch this past October. You can purchase All Beauty Water online at Amazon and to help you keep hydrated and nourished for your next travel adventure.

How did you come up with the idea of All Beauty Water and who are your ideal consumers?

I got the idea for All Beauty Water when I was in B-school. I noticed my friends were talking about seeing signs of aging. They were only exchanging topical or cosmetic beauty secrets, and their favorite products, yet they were drinking diet soda!  This was a real disconnect for me. I wanted to bring healthy lifestyle into the dialog and change the beauty conversation.

Through research I learned many people are not drinking enough water because they either don’t like the taste or find it boring. Many skin experts continue to talk about how many molecules in skincare products are too large to penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin.  Hydrating and nourishing from within is critical to skin health.

This information was my inspiration: to create a great tasting water with skin benefits, and encourage people to hydrate and nourish their skin from within.

Each bottle of All Beauty Water is a great way of drinking two glasses of water, with eight skin vitamins and seven additional skin nutrients, zero sugar / zero calories and no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives. Comes in three refreshing flavors.

How has working at L’Oreal and Dennon prepared you for the beauty industry?

Working for relevant companies before launching my own brand made a big difference as it served as an invaluable education into CPG, product development, marketing, sales, promotions, packaging, etc. I would say working for both L’Oreal and Dannon was key preparation for me to launch a beauty food brand as I was able to get both food and beauty category experience before combining the two into one brand. Had I not worked at these companies All Beauty would likely taste and look much different, and I would have made many costly mistakes along the way.  I honestly don’t know if I would have launched All Beauty Water had I not had previous brand management experience in these categories.

How do you decide on Beauty Water’s flavors? Have there been any flavors that didn’t make the cut? Are there any new flavors that we can keep an eye out for?

We did multiple tasting before deciding on these three flavors. Initially we had consumer groups taste five. The top three are what we have in the market today.  You should definitely be on the lookout for more flavors. We are targeting to launch one to two new products for next year.


What hurdles did you encounter while creating All Beauty Water and how did you find your solutions?

Every step of the way has been a hurdle.  Starting from formulation.  I found a beverage lab that helped us create the formula, but early on they were not sure we could get the great taste without sugar or artificial sweetener. I didn’t want either in the product, so had to really push for this and we did it.  

Second, finding a co-packer to run my product on a production line and would do small minimums without annual guarantees. Through my network, and asking everyone I could, I finally found one.

Third was distribution. I walked into stores locally and got GMs or buyers to give our brand a chance. I didn’t have a distributor when I launched so I had to carry cases of water into the stores myself. Those are glamorous days but it had to be done to gain points of sale, and get to where I could bring on a distributor to take on this part of the business.

Lastly, the financing. Financing is a constant hurdle and we are always working on that. I could go on all day, but I think these are the main challenges.

Who has been your role model and an inspiration to your success?

My father has always been my role model. I know that’s cheesy to say but it’s true! He is a great businessman and an amazing person.

What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far that you are most proud of?

I’m proud of the many things we’ve accomplished so far with All Beauty Water, including starting to work with our first distributors this year and launching in our first chain account across four states.  We won the Gentleman Jack Pitch Distilled Competition in NY earlier this year and are in the finals for the Sam Adams Brewing the American Dream Pitch competition.

Where can someone purchase All Beauty Water?

We are in Shaw’s Grocery Stores across the northeast. Additionally we are sold online: Amazon and You can also find us in limited distribution in NYC in independent natural grocery stores. More locations to come very soon. Check our website for the locations.


Why would you suggest All Beauty Water the perfect product for traveling?

All Beauty Water is formulated to help hydrate and nourish skin, two very common concerns, and complaints, people have about their skin while traveling. Each bottle of All Beauty Water is two glasses of water, eight skin vitamins and seven additional skin nutrients.

What would someone be surprised to know about you?

I am a very picky eater and I don’t eat cheese though I’m half French, half Italian. I get made fun of a lot for that!

What do you like to do on your downtime when you aren’t running a company?

Friends, working out and the arts keep me sane. I see my friends every week, I work out 4-5 times a week and I try to go to the theater or listen to live music as often as I can. I love to read. I was a literature major in college.

Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to start their own company but don’t know where to start, especially in the food or beauty industry?

Getting prior experience in the industry by working for an established company is very useful. You’ll learn a lot and make fewer mistakes when you launch your own company.  Get feedback on your idea. When you start working on your product/service. Establish a support/advisory group who can help you problem solve, give you advice and help you when you get stuck. Also, make sure you love and truly believe in what you are doing, because it’s a long and bumpy journey.

Is there anything else about All Beauty Water you would like the readers to know?

All Beauty Water is not just for women. Men can drink it as well! I get asked this question a lot.  Men have skin too and should feel free to enjoy All Beauty Water.

More about Camille:

Personal Mantra: Actions speak louder than words.
De-Stress Technique: Working out
Latest Gadget: Not a big gadget person.
Favorite App: Google Maps. I don’t have the best sense of direction.
Next Vacation Destination: Madrid, Spain