Twippers of the Week: Jessica and Garrett from The Bucket List Family.

Current city: We just spent the last few weeks pretending to live Oregon.  

Age: Jessica is 30 and Garrett is “25.”

Total countries visited: As a family 16, but we’ve both been to a whole lot more than that. Garrett grew up traveling all over the world with his mom who is also a travel journalist.  

What makes you interesting: A few years ago Garrett sold a company to Snapchat for a large sum of money but we decided to set it aside. We sold all of our belongings to fund an adventure around the world with our two kids, Dorothy & Manilla.  

What brands do you love: We love Nike because we’re huge sport, health and fitness enthusiasts.  Apple because we are techies, and Disney because it’s Disney.

What’s your Travanality: Victor / Purist

What has been the most useful thing you have brought on a trip: We bring a blender with us everywhere.  One small suitcase is filled with proteins and supplements for daily, healthy smoothies. And of course a camera!

What is the best part about having travel partners: There is nothing better than exploring the world with those you love! Sure, it gets a little tough with such young kids, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are so grateful to be able to give our kids these experiences at such a young age. Even if they don’t remember it, our family has been strengthened by traveling together.

Where and when were you the most culture shocked: Tonga was one of our very first stops. We woke up very early in the morning and were just walking down the empty streets trying to find a grocery store. People there were beyond friendly, but I think because Tonga was just our first foreign stop, and we were not in a hotel, it was confusing to us.

What is the most interesting food you have ever tried and where: It’s not that interesting, but in Tonga we had dinner with a bunch of locals and they placed a roasted pig on the table. I sat there and ate pork as I looked into the eyes of this pig. It was intense.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from traveling: We’ve learned that although languages, religions and cultures are the different, we are all humans and desire the same things – family, love and happiness. I’ve learned that my greatest goal in life is to teach my children that despite any differences someone has, we are all God’s children and should help, serve and love one another.

Next travel destination: Next stops on the itinerary are Japan, Korea, Nepal, Bhutan, Czech Republic and Croatia!