Twipper of the Week: Carol Perehudoff from Wandering Carol


Current City: I live in Toronto but right now am in France.

Age: Not a chance.

Total countries visited: I’ve lost count.

What makes you interesting: I always say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing and go the wrong way, but I do this with enthusiasm. I’m also passionate about good hotels, flat cycling trails in beautiful regions and thermal water spas.

What brands do you love:  I love Valentino shoes, Fairmont Hotels and my Mac Air.

What’s one thing you have no problem breaking the bank for when traveling: 5-star hotels, but I always search frantically for the best price.

What are your travel rituals: Regretting the things I didn’t pack, reading all tourism and hotel literature I can find as soon as I arrive somewhere and walking.

What do you put in your carry-on baggage: As much as I can stuff in. I’ve had way too much luggage go astray, so I like to have a change of clothes, a beach bag with flip flops and bathing suit, my computer, a book and as much skincare and makeup as I can stuff into the plastic airline bag for liquids.

What is your favorite app to use during your travels: Truthfully I don’t use many, but I’m obsessed with Instagram.

Is there anywhere you will not travel to: I won’t travel anywhere if it’s at the end of a bungee cord.

How has travel changed you or how do you hope it will change you: It certainly has made me realize that my home is not the universe, and that I should be grateful for what I have and for being able to travel when so many people the world over aren’t able to.

Next travel destination: A hotel barge cruise on called Athos. We’ll be cruising on the Canal du Midi in France!