Twipper of the Month: Ashley from Hither and Thither.

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If you were to ask who Ashley Muir Bruhn is, then most would know her as the author and creator for the leading travel and lifestyle site, Hither and Thither. We often see her thoughtfully sharing her travel tips and experiences, her delineated insights into food and wine, or at times, her deepest affection towards her family and friends. Before becoming a freelance writer and publisher, she was also an academic and book editor. As she sees more, stands higher and walks further, she positions herself to be where she is today, not only a successful and motivated blogger, but also a caring wife and mother. She becomes what she calls, β€œmore interested” in people, places, cultures and more importantly, her wonderful life journey filled with undiminished happiness.

Having grown up in California, lived in New York City and traveled many parts of the world, Ashley constantly discovers the beautiful world with an open heart and seeks for different lifestyles full of surprises. As she steps foot on the places she visits, greets the people she acquaints, and embraces her every journey on the road, she eventually comes to realize who she really is and learns to appreciate the essentials in her life. She develops her own style, a style so unique and incredible, that it’s free of distractions yet full of meanings. She amuses her readers, not to persuade them to pursue her lifestyle, but to inspire and encourage them to explore and experience their own lives of hopes and enjoyments. Follow our Twipper of the Month Ashley, to build a lifestyle of your own.