Twippers of the Week: Kate O’Malley and Mark Williams from Vagrants of the World.


Current city: Bucharest, Romania, and about to jump on a cruise to Budapest, Hungary. We have no base so we are somewhere different all the time.

Age: Kate is 44 and Mark is 53.

Total countries visited: We think somewhere in the region of 30+ countries.

What makes you interesting: We are the most boring people we know. The experiences and people we meet on our travels are interesting.

What brands do you love: Apple and Nikon. Our camera gear and tech stuff are pretty vital to us. Mark loves Sanuk shoes. Other than that, we have very little stuff so we don’t get attached to too much.

What’s your Travanality: I think we would be a mix of Culturist, Solager, Urbanite with heavy dashes of Purist and Epicurean. Every place brings something different out in you. That’s the beauty of travel.

What has been the most useful thing you have brought on a trip: Our little stove top espresso maker. It might seem like a strange thing to travel with but it’s small and light.  The quality of coffee varies too much around the world to take any chances with our morning brew.

It’s 2050, list all the places you are most proud to have visited: We consider ourselves fortunate to have been able to travel as much as we have. By 2050, we will be proud if we can remember the places we have been!

It’s your first day arriving in a country with a language so foreign it might as well be gibberish, how do you plan to get by: We have spent months living in countries where the language is very difficult, even just to learn a few words to get by. Cue in Mark, the incredibly bad mime guy. When mime doesn’t work, his theory is, speaking louder will make one of you bilingual.

What is the best part about having a travel partner: There are so many answers here.  Obviously, having someone to share the experiences and memories with and having someone to talk to when you haven’t known the language for months on end. For Kate, it’s having someone to make her coffee each morning.

What was your worst travel experience: We don’t think we have had a “worst” experience. You have good days and you get your bad days when you travel. So far, touch wood, we haven’t had anything we can honestly remember as being all that bad.

Next travel destination:  We are in the Balkans for a few weeks, then Belgium, then back to the Balkans, then Cyprus and Venice. We haven’t planned past there.