Twipper of the Month – April 2016: Annette White from Bucket List Journey


As we often hear, “never let your fear decide your fate.” May it be a steep mountain to climb or an unfathomable ocean to dive, we ought to be unafraid of nature and the world. We must  exceed our potentials, breakthrough the hardships in life as our Twipper of the Month, Annette White unveils through her stories. An award-winning blogger and travel writer, Annette is also an dauntless individual like no other. She never quails at those once-in-a-life adventures, as she says, “90% of the time it is fear speaking.” She constantly seeks to conquer the nature and refuses to bow to the challenges that lie ahead. From ziplining through a Costa Rican rain forest to rappelling down a hundred foot waterfall, she continually checks off her bucket list with over 800 items, spanning over 5 continents and 36 countries.

A foodie and wine enthusiast, Annette is also the owner and chef of a Michelin recommended Italian restaurant in Northern California. She has also been featured and awarded by numerous major publishers noting her breath-taking travel photos, stories and of course, her fearlessness and optimism. Follow her stories to be inspired, to see some of the most amazing things on earth, and to experience the most authentic cultures and traditions.