Twipper of the Month – March 2016: Cheryl Howard from


It’s never too late to start an adventure. Forget what you did, what you had, and take on a different life journey to somewhere you have yet to explore. A trip filled with passion, excitement and sincerity is worth a lesson. It will show you the spectacles of the world, link your soul to Mother Nature, and more importantly, warm your heart with the beauties of humanity. As Cheryl Howard, our Twipper of the Month, would say, “Travel has changed me for the better as I’ve become more open-minded and appreciative of what I have. It motivated me to make a concerted effort to help others.”

An aspiring travel blogger, Cheryl Howard moved to Berlin a few years ago. Although a complete stranger to the city, she had some of her most amazing experiences in Europe. From the “darkest caves underneath Budapest” to the “Italian Alps,” she fully explored a fascinating life existed nowhere else. Although, apart from the grandiose landscapes and the fervent locals, she also sees some different sides of the world that still need support and attention. Now, working on a project to document the stories of the refugees in Berlin, she truly elevates the spirit embedded in traveling and tells us the responsibilities that come with being both an excellent traveler and an exceptional individual. Cheryl’s wonderful journeys not only built up a colorful life experience of her own, but also those who she has helped along the way. Let her be your next travel inspiration.