Twipper of the Month – February 2016: Trey Ratcliff from Stuck in Customs.


When we see amazing places, ones that bring us to our knees, we seem to enter a trance of ecstasy and awe. We wonder how we got to be so lucky to be in this transformative place and humbled by the experience. This dream-like haze is what we all search for when we travel, and travel photographer Trey Ratcliff captures this indescribable feeling in every photo he takes. As the #1 travel photography blogger on the internet, a Ted Talks speaker and having been featured on every major TV network, Trey easily lands our Twipper of the Month for February.

Deep in the Guangxi Province of China-X2

“I’m a warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys,” says Ratcliff. Eager to share his experiences and lifetime of knowledge, Trey shares his traditional photography techniques proving his style is art in its highest form as he captures images seemingly only discoverable in dreams. Trey even inspires some of the most innovative thinkers,  receiving high praise from world-renowned creative geniuses like J.J. Abrams and Hans Zimmer. With fans like these, Trey needs to become your next go-to travel blogger.