Twipper of the Month – January 2016: Jonathan from Life Part 2. 


This world is filled with people who complain about wishing they traveled when they were young. Many of those people assume the window for unapologetic, all-consuming travel has long been shut. But if those with forgotten travel dreams look to Jonathan from Life Part 2, they would realize that they too, can seize an adventure out of the ordinary.

Twipper of the Month, Jonathan Look began his travel blog in 2011 after working twenty five years as a air traffic controller. Never satisfied with dismal vacation days, Jonn took the opportunity for early retirement and has been living long-year stints in places like Mexico, Cambodia and Thailand. Unique to his blogging style is his ability to implement all kinds of travel in order to illustrate that every travel experience is unique to the next, and none better than the other. John doesn’t seek out one kind of adventure, but is open to any.

John also offers his readers an exemplary portfolio of dramatic photographs of local villagers, massive temples and breathtaking terrain. See images of Buddhist Lent in Laos, street markets in Hong Kong  and Temples of Bagan in Myanmar. Even if you’re not interested in traveling to Asia, John’s images may surely change your mind.

Perhaps the most valuable lesson we can learn from John is the ability to be open to change at every stage in your life, for all the best memories come from stepping out of the ordinary.