Twippers of the Week: Mike and Anne from HoneyTrek

Mike and Ann

Current city:  Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Age: Anne: 33, Mike 38

Total countries visited: 57

What makes you interesting:  We quit our New York City jobs in 2011 to embark on what turned out to be the World’s Longest Honeymoon and we’ve been traveling the world as digital nomads ever since. As we approach our four year anniversary on the road, HoneyTrek is firing on all cylinders, funding our continued exploration of this amazing world, and allowing us to share all our travel hacks and tips with our Trip Coach Courses: one-on-one workshops for affordable, safe, and epic long-term travel. 

What brands do you love: SteriPEN water purifier for keeping us from consuming a single plastic water bottle in four years, Southwest Airlines for their incredible frequent flyer program and amazing employees and “experteering” programs that allow more professionals to use their skills to make a difference around the world.

If you wash up on a deserted island with your luggage in hand, what’s the one thing you’re thankful you packed:Our Leatherman multi-tool (it is one thing with a dozen uses. Is that cheating?).  To see everything we packed for our 675-day journey around the world visit RTW Packing List

It’s 2050, list all the places you are most proud to have visited:
 Antarctica, Bhutan, Myanmar, Cuba, Micronesia and The Moon…and someplace local where no human foot has yet to step.

What motivates you to travel:The human connection that occurs when you travel slowly, keep an open mind and let new adventures unfold.

Describe your most unique or funniest travel experience: Passing through the village of Achoma, we got pulled over. Not by a cop but a band of dancing elderly Peruvians. A cute old lady comes to our window and says, “Ven aqui. Vamos a bailar!” Essentially, get out and dance. Before you know it, Mike and I had a pint of homebrew in our hand and we are doing the South American Hava Nagila. For some reason they kept telling us to drink faster, just thinking they wanted to get us completely trashed but then we realized there was only one glass for the entire group (germaphobes, try not to think about it) and we were hogging our turn with our cautious sips. Down the hatch it went. Then the ancient shot master comes up to us, he insists on having corn liquor shooters with him. So within the hour we were properly tipsy, rocking out to this strange triangular harp-guitar with our 30 new amigos. Classic. Click to see a photo from this adventure. 

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from traveling:There are many ways to find success and be happy. That definition plays out very differently around the world and it never seems to correlate with how much money you have. Love, health, and a positive outlook seem to be the secret to the good life.

What do you enjoy doing the most during your travels: We love rolling into to local hangouts and sparking up conversations. Like this lively corner store (aka the bar) in Harbour Island, Bahamas last month, we struck up some chatter with a group there, next thing you know we hung out for three hours, laughing, dancing, and hugging it out. They said they, “had never had tourists hang out like that.” We like to break the stereotype of tourist, connect with people and do as the locals do.

Next travel destination: Jordan, Portugal, Georgia, Costa Rica, Greenland, or Antarctica.