Twipper of the Year 2015:  Mareen from Miss Everywhere!


“You’re the happiest when you’re doing what you love most,” said the world traveler, Mareen from “Miss Everywhere.”  Through her travel stories, Mareen glows with an excitement for new discoveries, and of course, a perfect tan from her beach travels. Through her devotion to both traveling and telling her story, Maureen has more than earned her title as Twipper of the Year for 2015!

By visiting some of the most exotic places around the world and walking along numerous breathtaking beaches, Mareen tells a beautiful story of stylish adventure. With a collection of articles, photos, and videos, her blogging style emulates a luxury travel magazine, compelling her readers to not only follow her journey but see the world themselves.

mareen 3

Her videos tell a simple, yet compelling vignette of each trip, set to light music and inevitably spreading her infectious passion for travel.

Luxury, tranquility and unearthing; Mareen’s travels tells a story of self-discovery through appreciating resort luxury, local experiences and the beauty of natural wonders. Miss Everywhere sees the world with open eyes, as she knows that true discovery comes from a clear mind and eagerness to uncover things from a new point of view.

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Read on for Mareen’s travel update for 2015.

What’s your ‘Travanality’: Maverick.

What was the best trip that you went on in 2015: Rio de Janeiro! I had this destination on my list for quite some time and many of my readers are from Brazil so I was super excited to finally get to know the city. I fell in love with the beautiful landscape, beach and mountains.

What is your most favorite travel memory of 2015: Santorini sunsets; simply magical!

Who was the most interesting person that you met during your travels in 2015: Maria, 92 years old from Crete, Greece. She was sitting on a bench overlooking the tourists walking by a local market place. I sat next to her and she smiled. She told me she comes here every day to watch the people who are full of life and how life can go by so fast. Her eyes were light blue and she barely couldn’t see anymore but she smiled the entire time. There was something about her soul and that moment.

What motivates you to travel: Getting to know new cultures takes your mind on a journey. It is the best education; you learn so much about the world. I love to find new places that maybe inspire others as well  for their next vacation.

Mareen 5

Describe the last time you tried something new: There is something new to experience on every travel. I love to taste local food and specialties from the places I visit.

What have you learned about yourself during your travels: I have learned to be flexible with new situations and to be grateful for what I have day by day.

Where are you traveling in 2016: I will start the year with a trip to Marrakech and have some new destination surprises for my readers on the list for 2016.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start traveling: Pack up your bags and do it! Be curious about the world, become a person of compassion and travel with your eyes wide open! And for everyone like me who is usually a bit late, try to be on time at airports because planes do leave without you!