Twipper of the Month – December 2015: Ron from Frog Traveler.


Over 49 countries visited, eight languages spoken and a traveling frog always with him, it is no wonder Ron from Frog Traveler is our Twipper of the Month. This traveling instagrammer transformed his life by quitting his company and selling his worldly possessions for a life lived out of a backpack. Ron reminds us that true adventure comes from curiosity and appreciation for things only travel can buy. This traveler carries just enough to fit in his backpack which includes his stuffed frog Gusi; as Ron learned from a trip to Brazil, you don’t need much to be happy. Although not a professional photographer, Ron shares some amazing photos from around the world, displaying his Maverick spirit and willingness to go anywhere. If you’re looking for some insta-inspo, look no further than Frog Traveler.