Twippers of the Week: Mike and Luci from  The Fighting Couple.

Luci and Mike

Total countries visited:  40

Current city:  Boise, Idaho.

Age:  Gen Xers

What is your Travanality: Luci is a Culturist and Mike is an Altruist.

What makes you interesting: We are the Fighting Couple!  We encourage couples to leave the kids at grandma’s house and get out and see the world together.  We are convinced that investing in time as a couple is essential to creating and maintaining a vibrant relationship.  We share relationship ideas, travel destinations and the details of our many fights on our blog.

What brands do you love:  In terms of travel, we are fans of Canon cameras, all things Apple, ScotteVest jackets, Tripadvisor, Clarks shoes and Delsey luggage.

Who is the most interesting person you have met while traveling:  That is a great question.  We met an innkeeper in Swaziland that is simply incredible.  She hires employees from the local area that are going through difficult times, pays them well and trains them in valuable skills.  This kind woman made a difference in the lives of so many.  Our time with her was short, but the impression she made on us was huge.

What is the best part about having a travel partner: The best part of traveling with someone that you love is sharing experiences.  One of Mike’s favorite parts of traveling with Luci is watching her discover a new culture, food or vista.  Travel is an investment that makes you a better person today, tomorrow and forever.

Next travel destination: Taiwan