Twipper of the Month – November 2015: Eva from Travelle.


If you’re a young female professional looking for a little inspiration, look no further than Travelle founder, Eva Baczynska. As a businesswoman, globetrotter, entrepreneur and fashionista, Eva has learned to take the world by style, which is why she is our Twipper of the Month.

Eva began her nomadic lifestyle at a young age. Born in Poland with several month-long stints in Germany, France and England, Eva has always been influenced by the travel bug. After landing a career in international marketing and business development, Eva faced many challenges brought on by her working life. She constantly searched for a centralized source to help her incorporate beauty and wellness regimens into her demanding travel schedule.

In 2015, Eva decided to take matters into her own hands and launched Travelle, an online travel source combining beauty and wellness, style and travel intel. Through extensive research and consultation of travel experts, Eva provides comprehensive guides useful to business travel and summer vacations alike. Travelle is a source of inspiration for the ambitious woman seeking a balance of business and pleasure in the name of style.

What is most inspiring about Eva is her incorporation of effortless travel into a career, not in the industry itself. Unlike most travel bloggers, Eva found a way to make travel become apart of her working life even though her career isn’t in the travel industry itself. While splitting time between seven different cities and documenting her discoveries on the way, Eva has mastered the art of traveling with ambition and style.