Twippers of the Month – October 2015: Josh and Liz from Peanuts or Pretzels.

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As children, we may remember having a few things: an intense curiosity, a thirst for discovery and a best friend who was always by our side through our adventures. Josh and Liz don’t have to remember these things; they still have them now.

Despite their extraordinary decision to become a travel blogging couple, there is something even more special about their unorthodox lifestyle.  Their unrelenting curiosity and fervor to explore is perfectly matched in one another; they truly are best friends who explore the world together which is why they have been named our Twippers of the Month.

As former solo-travelers, Liz and Josh happened upon one another while in Atlanta and have been traveling partners ever since. The couple currently resides in  Guangzhou, China where they teach English to children amongst many other things, like helping each other acclimate to the unique Guangzhou’s unique customs.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about this duo is their love of geocaching, a real world outdoor treasure hunting game, taking Josh and Liz off the beaten path. By using GPS to find these treasure spots, Josh and Liz have learned how to support one another, always making sure to laugh along the way.