Twipper of the Month – September 2015: Drew Goldberg from The Hungry Partier.

drew 5

While many individuals map out their career path following college graduation, Drew Goldberg mapped out a different kind of path, the one less taken.  After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Drew decided to forgo a life spent inside a cubicle and opted to teach English in South Korea for 18 months, documenting every minute of his Asian adventure. Since then, Goldberg has acquired over 100k followers on social media and over 60k monthly views on his blog, The Hungry Partier,  and for good reason. Drew exudes a thirst for action and exploration, motivating his readers to make adventure happen for themselves. Drew offers over 18 global nightlife guides , a behind-the-scenes-look through Snapchat, and a collection of crazy stories from his eccentric travels. One of his travel traditions is to do a handstand in every country he visits, capturing each attempt on his Instagram.  Drew also makes a habit of trying every McDonald’s  he can  find,  intrigued to discover how the dining experience differs from country to country.  After traveling to over 70 countries and growing followers on social media,  Drew has been able to collaborate with companies like  U.S. News Travel ChannelExpedia and the Huffington Post .  His candid blogging style offers an honest connection with his readers.  Drew’s youthful and daring spirit inspires us to go out and see the bizarre and experience the unexpected.