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If you havent heard of the BauBax Travel Jacket yet, you probably will. That is because the internet has been abuzz with talk of this travel jacket design, catapulting it to viral status within a few weeks. Now, with only two days left of their Kickstarter campaign, the new take on a travel jacket has crowdfunded over $8 million dollars via the online platform, more than any other clothing idea has managed to raise on a crowdfunding site, ever.

What makes this travel jacket so amazing? BauBax touts the jacket as the travel accessory youve always needed, but never existed,until now. The jacket comes in four designs – a cotton sweatshirt, a waterproof windbreaker, a fleece lined bomber and a wrinkle free blazer, in styles for both men and women with 15 travel-ready features.

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Some of the greatest features of the jacket design are those that minimize the amount of other accessories you might otherwise pack on your travels.

Built in Eye Mask

The built-in eye mask, attached to the hood, blocks out any annoying ambient light when youre on a long haul flight or car ride while trying to catch up on your sleep.

Built in Gloves

These gloves slide out easily from the sleeves of each of the jackets, and help keep your hands warm. While these are a great feature for travel on trains or planes, theyre a smart addition to a runners windbreaker during the cooler months.

Insulated Koozie Drink Pocket

This insulated drink pocket may seem a bit unnecessary at first, but the area on an airplane tray is valuable real estate often needed for your book, magazine or laptop. This drink pocket can keep your drink hot or cold, with the help of the neoprene insulation, and out of the way.

Built in Stylus and Pen

The zipper tag of the jacket fully extends to a four inch pen, perfect for filling out customs forms before you land. It also includes a soft tip on the opposite end for use as a stylus on any touchscreen.

Built in Neck Pillow

The built in neck pillow inflates in two seconds and features a one touch deflation feature, helping you fall asleep at ease while traveling.

With four versatile styles, a detachable hood and endless features its no wonder the BauBax travel jacket has captured the attention of travelers around the world. In smashing their original fundraising goal by millions of dollars, the brand has now reached even beyond their Kickstarter stretch goals. There are now plans to turn those built in gloves into touch screen-friendly gloves and to waterproof the smartphone utility pocket.

To learn more about the BauBax travel jacket, and contribute to their Kickstarter campaign to secure one for yourself, visit their fundraising page here.The jackets are set to deliver in November, perfectly positioned just before the holiday gifting season.