Twipper of the Month – August 2015: Dave from Dave’s Travel Corner.


For over 18 years, travel blogger Dave Thompson from Dave’s Travel Corner has explored a plethora of adventures in some of the most unexpected places. After traveling to more than 100 countries, Dave has experienced trips some only dream of. Dave is a true salt-of-the-earth traveler, trekking through exotic places like Andorra, rural Thailand and Karakol, Kyrgyzstan,  which is why he is our Twipper of the Month. His minimalist, explorative style truly inspires the adventure in his readers. Dave’s appreciation of nature reminds us the true essence of travel – to be awed. The freedom of travel and the possibilities that come from forging detailed itineraries is what Dave admires most about his adventures.   Surprisingly, his love of travel only grew after a severe illness he was stricken with after a trip through to the mountains in Nepal.  Enduring hardship in a non-western culture opened his eyes to a new way of thinking and fueled his interest to continue his world exploration.   In 2006, Dave expanded his blogging platform and created The Napa Wine Project.  Having traveled to more than 800 wineries, Dave has become an expert in unique commercial labels. As an advocate of investing in what you love, Dave wanted to incorporate his passion for wine with his professional life and The Napa Wine Project does just that. It is travelers like Dave that show us our passion can become our profession and our bucket list can become our photo album.