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All travel has the potential to be great travel.

Even when its going totally wrong – youre starving, looking for sushi in Tokyo, speak zero Japanese, and have taken a wrong turn down a narrow alley – it can still be amazing. It was at this point in our night that my family and I stumbled across the smallest yakitori restaurant Id ever seen, crammed with forty tiny stools, with sumo wrestling playing on the old television above the grill. We made the best of our night by befriending a non-English speaking man, old enough to be my grandfather. The meal ended with me trying salmon onigiri for the first time, at the elderly mans urging, and my parents sharing his bottle of sake. What I learned that night is that, though travel can entail a few wrong turns, theres always the possibility of something exciting, exhilarating and indulgent just around the corner. Ive found what makes the biggest difference in enjoying my travel experiences is where Im headed and, more importantly, who Im with.

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When I learned of TWIP and how the platform connects travelers to other like-minded travel partners based on their Travanality, or travel personality, I was immediately interested. Ive always secretly compared each family member, friend, friend of friend and random, one-time hostel mate to determine which would be my most successful partner on The Amazing Race. It is a great measure of your compatibility with anyone, if you think about it. Will they be ready for anything? Are they a thrill seeker? Will they sacrifice themselves and take a bite of that scorpion on a stick so I dont have to? You know, the important stuff. However, TWIP saves me from having go about choosing my travel partners Goldilocks-style:this one is too much of a picky eaterThat one is too sleepy all the time… Instead, TWIP finds the one that is just right for me, setting me up for the best travel experience possible, no matter what comes our way.

After traveling to over 15 countries in the last 10 years, Ive deduced that Im an Epicurean/Urbanite Travanality hybrid. I have a deep love for exploring food markets, restaurants and culinary experiences anywhere I travel, but these foodie pit stops are usually sprinkled throughout a rigorous itinerary of sunup to sundown city exploration.

Im excited to share my experiences and knowledge of travel with the TWIP universe, while exploring new technologies, locales and developments in the travel world. Follow along for my weekly column here on the TWIP blog on Thursdays. If youre an Epicurean or Urbanite, who knows, maybe Ill see you on my next TWIP trip!