Twipper of the Week: Amanda Williams from A Dangerous Business.


Current city: Cleveland, Ohio

Age: 28

Total countries visited: I believe I’m at 39 countries right now!

What makes you interesting: Well, I’m a woman and I tend to travel alone (which to some people makes me interesting). And I also am not a permanent traveler – I work full-time and fit travel into a more “normal” lifestyle (though, admittedly I work remotely and so can work from anywhere).

#1 thing you must do when traveling: Make new memories. And take lots of photos.

Most magical place on earth: New Zealand – it’s Middle-Earth, after all!

What is the furthest northern, southern, eastern, and western point you have traveled: Furthest north: either Fairbanks, Alaska or Reykjavik, Iceland. Furthest south: Bluff, New Zealand. Furthest east: Rotorua, New Zealand (did you know that Gisborne, NZ is the first to see the sun each day?). Furthest west: I suppose Hawaii?

What do you enjoy doing the most during your travels: Walking. A lot. I love to wander around different neighborhoods and take photos. I’m also a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so you can often find me doing some adventurous things, too.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from traveling: That the world is not as scary or dangerous as the media would like us to believe. Regardless of race or language or religion, most people all want more or less the same things out of life. If you travel with an open mind, you’ll realize what an incredible world we live in – you’ll learn so much both about other people and yourself.

Next travel destination: I’m headed to Iceland for some winter adventures in November!