Traveling can be difficult for many individuals; delayed flights, losing your passport and falling ill on vacation, can add stress for those looking to get away. Nowadays, people try to control more aspects of their travels with mobile apps and technology, hoping to ease this stress. However, choosing the right tool can be overwhelming. Although Twip cannot find your missing passport or guarantee you will get to the airport on time, they can help you find the best trip or travel companion(s).

Some believe traveling with friends or family will be the ‘safest’ choice when choosing the perfect travel partner, but in reality they might be the worst! Everyone’s personality is different when they are away from home. Twip believes everyone has a ‘travanality,’ which goes much deeper than the destination. Travanality focuses on the how and why: Do you only fly first class or JetBlue? Do you like to sleep in? Do you like to go shopping or would you rather lounge on a beach all day? Do you travel for exercise or with your children? These details are crucial when deciding who you are going to spend your precious time with. After all, isn’t time our greatest currency?

Twip is all about safety when traveling. In order to enroll in Twip’s community, a full background check is conducted to ensure that all Twippers are safe and at ease. Then the fun part begins! Discovering your travanality is very exciting and it allows Twip to connect you to like-minded individuals and match you to the perfect trip, ensuring that you have the best experience possible.

Lauren’s entrepreneurial voyage with Twip has been one of the most exciting trips that she has been a part of. Years have gone into research, the design and understanding the needs of a traveler. Click on the link below for the complete segment. Lauren and Harry go into details about the different types of travanalities, how Twip’s technology will forever change traveling, and Lauren’s personal ‘twip.’

Talking About Everything: What is Twip? Talking with Lauren A. Koenig