Twipper of the Month – June 2015: Rachael Wilson from The Travel Thread.


Every few years wanderlust peaks for Rachael, and she moves somewhere foreign. As she noted in her Twipper of the Week feature, “I sell everything I own, pack a few suitcases, close my eyes, and pick a place on the map.”  She doesn’t necessarily have a job set up, or know where she will be living, but she figures it out. Spontaneity is what makes her our Twipper of the Month (and of course her candid, feel-as-if-you’re-there blog posts).

Rachael is able to capture the essence of a place in her writing; she can transport readers and make them feel as if they are traveling with her.  She explores; hanging out with rescued elephants, or volunteering in India. Her passion for helping others in developing countries is admirable, and although at times she discusses real issues (see letter from India), her blog is humorous and positive.  On the contrary, she makes the most of the situations she is in, and posts about fashion, lifestyle and DIY projects.  With Rachael, you will become inspired to not only travel, but to experience this world in a whole new way!