Twipper of the Week: Jeremy Foster of Travel Freak.


Current City: Jerusalem, Israel

Age: 29

What Makes You Interesting? I’ve been traveling the world for five years. I’m a blogger by day and a bartender by night!

Total Countries Visited: Around 20 countries in total.

What Does “Travel” Mean To You? To me, travel is growth. It’s learning about yourself and constantly creating and re-creating yourself as you explore the world around us. Travel means something different to everyone, but the lessons that one can walk away with are invaluable and can never be learned in any university.

What Have You Learned About Yourself During Your Travels? It’s very easy to be a certain person when people are surrounding you. When you travel solo, however, you learn about the deepest parts of yourself, because you discover who you truly are when nobody else is watching and your behavior doesn’t matter to anyone except yourself. I have learned incredible amounts of independence, confidence, and patience during my five years of travel.

Best Thing You Have Bought During Your Travels? Flights! To be honest, I don’t buy much. I travel very simply, with only my necessities–iPhone, MacBook, DSLR, tech accessories, and clothes. For a closer look at what I travel with, including my bags, camera gear, and more, check out my recommended travel gear.

What Is The Longest Period of Time You Have Been Away From Home? My first jaunt to Australia was only supposed to last six months, but it ended up lasting three and a half years! Sorry, mom.

What Do You Enjoy Doing The Most During Your Travels? I enjoy the simple things. Trying to see all the attractions of a city can become exhausting and, frankly, you don’t learn much about the local culture or people. I love sitting in cafes and restaurants, people watching, eating and drinking coffee, and chatting with locals. It’s much more relaxing, and you meet all kinds of interesting people. That being said, I also love adventure and extreme sports, so you can often find me jumping off of bridges (naked!) in New Zealand, hiking volcanoes in Ecuador, soaring through the air in Laos, or trekking through mountains in southwestern China.

Next Travel Destination: I just got back from Jordan, and my next stop is Egypt. Here I come!