Twippers of the Week: Randy and Bethany of Beers and Beans.

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Current City: Venice, Italy

Age: Randy 37; Bethany 39

What makes you interesting?: Randy: I like big, brown eyes and I cannot lie.

Bethany: I used to have a pet rooster who had his own diaper.

Total countries visited: 21

Most magical place on earth: Randy: Italy, she never disappoints. Bethany: Venice, Italy

What is the best part about having a travel partner? Randy: Beth is the founder and maker at Speakeasy Travel scarves, so I always have an awesome hidden-pocket scarf when we travel.

Bethany: Always having someone to share travel experiences with…and figure out transportation—Randy’s specialty.

What was your best and worst travel experience? Randy: (Best) Watching the sunrise over a black sand beach in Iceland was pretty spectacular. We slept in our car at a campground, so we were up before dawn and by the time we got out to the rocky coastline, the sky was electric. (Worst) Seeing Beth so sick in Morocco. It broke my heart.

Bethany: (Best) My most ecstatic travel moment was visiting Lacedonia, Italy, and finding long lost family members while we were there. We ended up spending three days in the tiny hill town and it was like a dream come true. (Worst) Being sick in Morocco was pretty painful and agonizing—that was definitely one of my worst travel memories.

If you were given a free trip tomorrow, where would you go? Randy: Fiji. Bethany: Maldives

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from traveling? Randy: When asking for directions or advice—say, for example, which bus to take—always ask two different people, preferably women.

Bethany: Expect nothing. Enjoy everything.

Next travel destination? Lake Como to hang with George T. Clooney; though, he doesn’t know it yet.