Twipper of the Week: Melissa Telan of Mel Likes to Travel.


Current city: Tokyo, Japan

Age: 31

What makes you interesting: I’ve lived in five different cities in four different countries (for work and or study) and had to learn the ways of living (including language) in those places. This fundamentally changed me in a way I never expected. It’s as if I’ve split my soul into four and I couldn’t help but return to those places to visit the piece of me I’ve left behind. Which is why I’m in Japan now, my home for three years, recapturing that moment in time when I used to live here. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Total countries visited: 31

Most magical place on Earth: British Columbia, Canada

What do you enjoy doing most during your travels: I enjoy interacting with people the most — fellow travelers and locals alike.

Tantalizing my senses with new sights, smells and sounds is great, and I’m always delighted to see new places, especially natural wonders. But the real reason why I’m addicted to travelling is because it allows me to meet people from all corners of the globe, and learn what they value, how they think, how we are different and how we are the same. Connecting with others is the best thing about travelling!

I just wish I knew more languages so I could connect with more people. At the moment I’m doing a homestay with a Japanese family in Tokyo, Japan, speaking just Japanese at home, so that I could improve my spoken Japanese and be able to connect on a deeper level with locals on my subsequent visits to this country.

Best thing you have bought during your travels: A small travel notebook, to scribble summaries of how the day went. This helps me remember the things I saw or prices of the goods I bought so I could write about them in my blog and personal diary.

Who is the most interesting person you met while traveling:  A nun who became my travel buddy for an afternoon while traveling through Sagada in the Philippines. She was at least twenty years older than me but climbed mountains faster than me!

Do you have any recommendations to help battle jet lag: Grin and bear it during the first few days — try not to sleep though you feel sleepy and sleep only when it’s time to do so at your current city. Your body clock will adjust quicker. Also, drink lots of water!

Next destination: Pretoria, South Africa to attend the wedding of a friend whom I met while traveling through Europe two years ago (we’ve kept in touch since).

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  1. Wao! It amazing. So much done. Bravo!

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