Twipper of the Month – March 2015: Chris Christensen from Amateur Traveler.


Chris exudes the true essence of what it means to be a Twipper. He has taken the meaning to a whole new level with his podcasts, videos, blogs and photos. As the host of Amateur Traveler, Chris not only educates himself through travel, but others as well. In fact, his podcasts are used to teach English by the Thailand Foreign Ministry and Oxford University and to test English comprehension in the German and Canadian schools systems.  With over 450 podcasts and 45 countries under his belt, there is no sign of him stopping anytime soon!

Chris also runs Blogger Bridge, which is a tool that helps companies find the best content creators to work with. From his road trips through the United States and Canada, to his most recent expedition to Thailand, Chris truly embodies all the characteristics of what being a Twipper is all about!