marrakesh box landing pg

Willy Wonka once said, “To truly get a taste of culture you must taste a culture’s truest tastings…” Ok, so he didn’t really say that, but it’s still accurate.

Getting lost in bazaars and outdoor markets, smelling the produce and culinary happenings you’re all around is a beautiful experience. Everyone should live that beautiful moment and TWIP always encourages you to live such a moment in a far off place. However…Try the World gourmet food boxes offer an awesome alternative if you can’t just up n’ go.

Try The World is a gourmet subscription box that brings the world to your doorstep! Every two months you have the privilege of dining afar and tasting the normally un-tasted when the mailman hands you a package of authentic cultural cuisine that has been put together uniquely by local experts.

Included in this box is 7 to 10 full size gourmet products selected by local experts. Also included is a Product Guide so you know what you are eating and a Culture Guide that includes information about popular movies, music, recipes, and cultural tips to enjoy while eating.

Watch and listen to what others travelers and like-minded foodies are saying about this international gourmet food subscription!

TWIP invites you for a chance to indulge this treat fo’ free!

During our March event at Cellar Bar, located in The Bryant Park Hotel, one lucky dude or dudette will win the box of the month—The Marrakesh Box! There’s a whole array of amazing Moroccan products in this box.

TWIP doesn’t put our stamp of approval on too many things, but we’ve found Try The World to be an exceptional product, especially for the travelers treating their wanderlust withdrawals between trips.