Twipper of the Week: Rachel from Rachel Roams.


Current city: Los Angeles, CA

Age: 29

What makes you interesting: I love the world. That might not be particularly unique, as that’s why we’ve all connected via TWIP in the first place. But, that’s definitely a defining characteristic of my life, which is why I’ve spent the last 8 years telling the world’s stories on TV & online.

Total countries visited: Somewhere between 40 and 50, I think?

Most magical place on Earth: Iceland for the sensation that it’s Earth at its most dynamic. Patagonia for the vast expanses of space that include desert, mountain, glacier, and everything in between. Edinburgh for its history melding with present, plus the fact that lots of Scots actually believe in myth and magic!

What is your most favorite travel memory: Staying with Buddhist monks on a mountain in Japan. Watching the sun rise over a quiet corner of Tamil Nadu, India. Learning to ice climb in Colorado, paraglide in San Diego, and play softball with 600 kids in a village in Kenya. PLUS: Every time I’ve run into someone I know in a faraway land, from Thailand to Uruguay, the Cayman Islands to DC,Β it always reminds me just how interconnected our lives and planet really are.

Where did you go for your first travel experience and at what age:Β Get ready for exotic……. Michigan! Yep. Michigan. My family didn’t have the means to travel internationally when I was young, but we did always pack up the car and head from Ohio to Michigan during the summer, where I loved playing in the Lake, eating bear claw donuts, and trying to outrun my brothers.

What is your favorite mode of transportation when you travel: Train! There’s nothing like sitting back, relaxing, and watching the world pass by just outside your window.

What was your worst travel experience: I’ve had some nerve-wracking travel experiences as a blonde woman, since I don’t blend in anywhere except maybe Germany and Sweden. As such, I immediately become recognized as a “foreigner,” usually deemed upon sight to have loose change and loose morals. Normally I take pains to keep myself out of unsafe scenarios (like walking alone at night, or displaying expensive camera and travel gear) however, that wasn’t enough to stop three punks from trying to mug me and a friend in broad daylight in Montevideo, Uruguay. Thankfully, there was a bare-chested, jort-wearing old fisherman nearby, who whipped out a Taser and zapped the dudes as they tried to mug us. Hooray for old fishermen!

Next travel destination: Tanzania and Zambia, January-February 2015!