Twipper of the Week: Josie Claire from Gild Society.

Ancient Rome & Colosseum 067

Current city: Los Angeles, CA

Age: 28

What makes you interesting: I’ve lived in 3 different countries (on different continents), 3 states in the US, and 17 cities. I’m also finishing my Masters degree in Psychology so I have a pretty broad and unique perspective on travel, people and culture.

Total countries visited: 30 and counting

Most magical place on Earth: I think forests are so magical and ethereal, so I’d have to say Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park (Washington State) or Monteverde’s Cloud Forest in Costa Rica.

What does “travel” mean to you: I believe traveling is one of the most important things that helped me grow as a person. Traveling is our gateway to experiencing other ways of life, understanding different perspectives, and connecting with people we otherwise never would have known existed.

Where did you go for your first travel experience and at what age: I’ve been a traveler since before I can remember! My first international trip was when I was 20 months old to the Philippines.

What is your most favorite travel memory: An impossible question to answer. It might be a tie between climbing to the top of Wayna Picchu to see the ruins of Machu Picchu hundreds of feet below, zip lining through the cloud forest in Costa Rica, and backpacking through Europe with my best friends. I really can’t decide!

If your personality was a city or country, which one would it be: I’d have to say France because it’s a good combination of history, culture, and gorgeous scenery. I’m all about that cafe lifestyle.

Next travel destination: The Yucatan Peninsula and Belize to dive the gorgeous cenotes and the Great Blue Hole! Can’t wait!