Twipper of the Week: Brendan van Son from Brendan’s Adventures.


Current city:  Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada

Age: 30

What makes you interesting: Well, I travel a lot.  I’ve been to about 80 countries and have done some crazy things like driving a scooter down the west coast of Africa from Bamako to Cape Town, solo.  I’m also a professional travel photographer.

Total countries visited: About 80

Most magical place on Earth: Antartica is unreal. No question there.

What does “travel” mean to you: It means growth and learning something new everyday.  It means finding a way out of your comfort zone to expand your mind, skills, or vision.

What was your best and worst travel experience:  My best travel experience was driving my scooter down the west coast of Africa, which turned out to be a life changing in so many ways.  My worst experience was being robbed of all my camera gear in Ecuador when I was already broke. That wasn’t fun at all.

When and where were you the most culture shocked: Honestly, it was when I went from Haiti to Ireland. For some reason Ireland messed with my mind by seeing cars driving on the wrong side of the road, the cost of food and drinks, the cold wind, the speed of people walking on the streets, and the crowds.  Ireland was the only place in the world where I literally had to pull myself off the street and go sit a quiet park to get my wits back.  Crazy, I know!  China also was a culture shock, but it was to be expected.

What is the furthest northern, eastern, western and southern point you have traveled:  I’ve been to Antarctica which would be the farthest south. Iceland would be the farthest north.  I traveled to Japan when I was 13, so that would be the farthest east.  The farthest west would be Haida Gwaii in British Columbia.

Next travel destination: America, baby!  I’m going on a big 2 month road trip in the southern states.  I’m stoked about it! I love traveling the US.