Twipper of the Week: Ryan Gargiulo from Pause The Moment.


CurrentΒ city: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Age: 30

What makes you interesting: I’m a full-time traveler who makes a living online and can travel/live anywhere in the world as long as it has a decent Internet connection.

Total countries visited: 30-something. πŸ˜‰

Most magical place on Earth: I’d say the most magical place on Earth when it comes down to jaw dropping scenery is probably Lake Bled, Slovenia. Hot Air ballooning over the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, Turkey is a close second.

What does “travel” mean to you: I define traveling as exploring new destinations and more importantly, meeting new friends from around the world.

What is the furthest northern, eastern, western, and southern point you have traveled:Β I hate the cold so I rarely travel north. The most northern place I’ve been is Dublin, Ireland, eastern is Bali, western is California, and southern is Costa Rica

Next travel destination: U.S in March 2015 and cycling Europe summer 2015.